Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Gotchya Day!!

Everyone who truly knows me, knows how dear to my heart adoption is.  Almost daily, I check adoption blogs to see all the new "gotchya days!"  In fact, many nights after Perry is all tucked in bed, I will curl up on the couch to check out these blogs.  Just last night, Justin caught me with tears in my eyes as I read of a little girl who met her forever family just yesterday morning.  He looked at me, gave me a little laugh, and then hugged me and said, "Don't worry baby.  You'll get your baby too one day!"  Please don't underestimate my love for my biological son, Perry.  Some people may look at this adoption obsession as not being satisfied with what I have, and that could not be further from the truth.  I love Perry more than I knew I could love anything!  He is beyond my pride and joy.  It's just that, looking at Perry and knowing all the love that I (and my family) have for him, it breaks my heart to know that there are children out there who do not have someone to love them like this.  I can't wait to one day give that love to a child who otherwise would not experience it.  With that being said, I also frequently visit waiting child photolistings.  Why I do this, I have no clue.  Justin and I are not quite old enough to adopt yet, and all it does is pull on my heart more.  Anyway, I have been following this PRECIOUS, chubby faced, little girl for months now.  I am constantly showing my co-workers how incredibly cute she is!! Just a minute ago, I decided to check this particular website to see if any other children have been added to the site.  Although no new children have been added, little miss now has a flag by her picture that reads, "I now have a family!!!"  What an amazing ending to this day.  To know that another little one has a family ready to welcome her with open arms.  Through reading MANY different adoption blogs, I completely get that the process is long, expensive, and daunting... but what a reward at the finish line?!!  I cannot wait until it is my time to run this amazing race!!

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

Here is a link to a blog that is a friend of a friend. I cry almost every time I read it! It is SO sweet! They had their "Gotcha Day" a little over a month ago. I thought you might like to follow them.


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