Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Perry!!

Happy Birthday Little One!!
May 22, 2010. A very important and happy date for the Murphree household.  The day that my precious, tiny, bundle of joy turned ONE!!  Oh my goodness how time has flown!  It seems like only yesterday that I found out I was pregnant. 
Looking back on the year, I can easily smile, as it has truly been the very best year of my life.  Welcoming Perry into our family is the most joyous thing that has ever happened to me. Since then, we have experienced so many firsts.  It was so much fun to watch him learn to sit up, crawl, cut his first tooth, give kisses, wave bye-bye, hug, call “Grandaddy” and “Einstein” (the dog) say Da-da and Ma-ma.  He is absolutely so much fun to watch grow up.  In fact, the night before his birthday, he surprised us by walking!!  He was able to show off big time on his birthday!
To celebrate the day, we began by going to swim class, which Perry LOVES!  Then, we did a little bit of running around town, going to the pottery place to do his one year hand/foot prints, picking up the cookie cake (Perry’s own cake was the topper to the cake that was at his baby shower.  Though very sentimental, it tasted quite nasty after a year in the freezer, so Perry graciously partook in the cookie cake, as well.), then going to grill out at Grammie and Grampie’s house, and doing a little bit of swimming in the new pool… Perry’s Pool, of course.J
Although Perry thought devouring his cake and cookie was yummy and fun, by this time of the day he was getting pretty sleepy.  And if any of you have met Perry, you know he DOES NOT like to sleep.  So instead of wanting to open his birthday presents, he just wanted to be held.  Since we were also on a time schedule due to a good friend’s wedding that I was singing at at 6:00, we decided it was best to just make a weekend celebration of it and let Perry open his presents on Sunday. 
Thankfully, Perry slept the thirty minutes it took for us to get to the wedding and was an angel throughout the night.  I felt so proud to be his Mommy.  Especially after numerous strangers came up to tell us what a cute, well behaved baby we had.  Well, that all changed as soon as we got home and I took Perry upstairs to go to sleep.  The day had absolutely exhausted my little bitty, who refuses to sleep, and I saw a tantrum from him that I didn’t even know was possible.  We’re talking screaming (and yes, I’m sure he was screaming at Justin and me), arm flailing, leg kicking, back arching tantrum.  It was heartbreaking.  I felt terrible that I had not made time and absolutely insisting on him taking an afternoon nap.  He had had all that he could handle and was willing to put up with.  After about ten minutes, I finally took him outside to calm him down.  As soon as he was settled, he would do this precious little sniffling, look at me, then ‘give me lovin’ (this is giving me kisses, then snuggling his had down on my chest and wrapping his arms around me like a hug…It’s seriously precious!).  I took him back up stairs and laid him on my chest in the bed (yes- he sleeps in the bed with us EVERY night.  Something we are planning to work HARD to change this summer) where he proceeded to give me hugs and kisses for the next thirty minutes, until he finally fell asleep snuggled in the arms of the one who loves him most.  It was at this point in our One-Year-Old’s-Birthday that I finally started to cry. 
Happy Birthday Little One!  Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

Aww, that last sentence about P falling asleep in your arms made me cry, too! So sweet!

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