Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am who I am....

All about ME blog.....

I am...a daughter, sister, and MOMMY!

I think... about how past friends are doing, taking photography lessons

I should...give more, exercise more

I dream... of adopting a baby from Asia

I want... a happy, healthy family, to learn photography, three children, a new camera

I know… that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life

I don’t like... mean people, seafood

I smell... laundry detergent and my baby’s breath

I hear...the fan and humidifier

I fear...losing someone I love

I usually... am wishing I was with Perry, am smiling

I search... for adoption agencies

I always... love my family

Our first trip to the beach when Perry was 2 months old

I regret... not saving more money

I wonder... how someone can not believe in Jesus Christ, what it would be like to be a photographer, if I will ever get the opportunity to travel to Europe

I crave...MEXICAN!! hot sauce, lemons, vinegar, cheese dip, and rice

I remember... how it feels to fall in love, the first time I felt my baby in my arms

The first time I held Perry in my arms

I need... to be more thankful, to try to keep my house cleaner, to give my husband more praise for all the things he does for me and our family

I forget... LOTS!  Especially, where I put things... (just this past Saturday, I got Perry all ready for swim lessons and jumped into the car, only to realize I had just locked my keys in the house.  I dragged the HUGE ladder to our front porch, climbed onto the roof, broke into my own house through my bedroom window, searched the house high and low... only to find my keys... in my car.  Yep- I sure did!!)

I feel... blessed, curious, excited about the future

I can... twirl a baton, tumble, and carry a tune, say the alphabet backwards, monogram, and cook

I can’t... stand shots!! (Understatement of the Century!)

I am happy... most always, when I'm with my family, playing with our doggies, online shopping

I lose... EVERYTHING!  (see above)

I sing... Christmas songs

Perry's First Christmas

I sometimes.... laugh in serious settings

I listen... intently

I shop... online

I eat... Mexican, rice, lemons, HOT stuff!, steak, chicken, noodles, fruit, nachos and cheese

I love... God, my family, my precious baby, our poochie pies, and alliteration

2 kind thoughts:

Mary Louis Quinn said...

Loved seeing those early pics of Perry! So sweet!

And that story about you losing your keys made me laugh out loud! HA-larious!

Brooke said...

Thank you!! And unfortunately, the key story is JUST the beginning!! By the way, I had planned on commenting on Curran's injuries. I accidentally cut Perry's chin with my fingernail while catching him at the bottom of the slide, then throwing him into the air. All weekend long, everybody that sees him says, " Perry!! Where did you get that awful bug bite on your chin!" Uhg... at least it was some else that hurt your child.

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