Friday, May 14, 2010

Sad Day....

Ok- I need to take a deep breath....So if you truly know me, you know I get every bit as excited over "ice cream day" as my students do.  I never forgo the amazing dreamsicle popsicle and truly look forward to it all....week....long.  So, you can imagine my irritation when I got to our cafeteria to make my purchase.  I bought my lunch and then politely told the lunchlady I would come back to get my ice cream after I got through eating.  She then proceeded to tell me I would not be allowed to purchase ice cream for the day because it is 75 cents and after my lunch payment my account would only hold 65 cents.  Argg.  So I promised (politely, of course) to send my ten cents back down to the cafeteria after we got back to the classroom.  She (politely of course) declined that plan.  She explained to me that her "rule" is that no one over fourth grade charges anything, for even 5 minutes.  Uhg.  So, I explain the situation to my good friend Leslie, who knows the DIER need to feed my insane dreamsicle addiction.  She volunteers to watch my class while I RUN to my classroom to get TEN CENTS.  Once again, I shall say Umph!  So I get back to the cafeteria, present my ten cents to the lunch lady and go to get my ice cream.... THEY ARE OUT OF DREAMSICLES!!!!  UBER FRUSTRATION. I know there is more to life than a popsicle, but I'm having a terrible time seeing past that at this instant.  Your prayers would be appreciated.....

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Meals by Misty said...

I hate not having enough money! They have gotten mucho strict lately. Just do what I do and bribe one of your students for their ice cream. Works like a charm :)

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