Sunday, May 9, 2010

What an AMAZING Weekend!!

My first Mother's Day weekend was absolutely one to remember! It started out with a Mommy and Me swim lesson and a fantastic play date with 9 of Perry's best friends. (For those of you who don't know, Perry's playgroup consists of about 15 babies who met while in their mommies' tummies at Prenatal Water Aerobics.) It was such a blast getting to catch up with everyone after a few months. The babies are getting so big and their mommies have such a good time hanging out together and taking GREAT pictures.... thanks Darci!! ;)

Arriving at Curran's House

Annie Wilson loves to share.

All of the babies except Lillian

Perry, Annie Wilson, Curran, and Harrison

After playdate, Perry and I took a quick trip to Homestead Hollow for some strollin' around. This was about the ONLY thing I could think of to get my little guy to take a nap! We walked around for about 20 minutes, then little bitty decided to wake up and help me shop. We bought him a tiger passy pal (we knew that would make Daddy happy!) and Grammie a cute, monogrammed tote. Then, we shared a cup of homemade ice-cream. I know it sounds like a very uneventful time, but sharing that ice-cream with my little boy made me smile from ear to ear! It is a memory I will cherish for years to come. If only someone had of been there to take a picture..... Anyway, after Justin's long night and day of fishing tournaments, we decided to spend the night with my Mom and Dad, aka Grammie and Grampie. When we woke up for church this morning, Perry and Justin had a sweet surprise for me, and later that day, Perry and his Grandmommy and Grandaddy went for an infamous "gator ride" and picked me some wildflowers. It was so precious!! I truly feel beyond blessed that God picked me to be Perry's mom. I love him more than words can say and love every second of being a Mommy!! Happy Mother's Day!!

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