Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Perry!! .... Again!

Happy Birthday Mr. Perry, again!  Today was such an exciting day for Perry and me.  We celebrated his first birthday (for the third time) with many of Perry’s sweet friends.  We had so much fun letting the babies play together, reminiscing about their younger months, and eating some yummy food and some pretty silly ‘monkey’ cupcakes that Mom and I decorated.

Waiting for My Friends to Arrive

To open up the party, we had a play area set up under one of the big trees in the front yard with Perry’s new lookout tree house, a picnic table, and lots of fun, little toys on several quilts.   While the babies played and checked each other out, all the Mommies were able to do some quick catching up.   Though the breeze felt really good in the shade, I think the bugs were starting to realize we had lots of little ‘sweeties’ outside and they decided to get in on the fun too.  So, we decided to move our party into the house.

Playing in My Lookout Treehouse

Enjoying the Pallet Mommy Made for Me and My Friends

Harrison and Me Chatting

My Friend Sophia and Her Mommy

Miss Curran Thought My Hammer Tasted Really Good!

Liam Was Content With His Thumb

Once inside, a few of the babies (but mostly my little Mr.) were getting a little fussy, so we decided it was time for cupcakes and lunch.  Perry wasn’t much for blowing out his candle, but he did reach for the flame, which momentarily scared me.  I quickly blew it out and Perry dove right in to his cupcake.  All the Mommies were glad to eat some delicious Chick-fil-A wraps, fruit, Edgar’s cheese straws, and chips and dip.  We also had ice cold water and lemonade to drink.  It really was what I would consider a fun, yummy, summer lunch. 

Yummy Food!

Yes- These are "monkey" cupcakes

"Blowing" Out My Candle

Perry enjoying his cupcake

After some yummy for his tummy, Perry was really excited to open up all of his birthday presents.  Once again, what sweet, sweet friends Perry has.  He got so many CUTE gifts, that he is going to LOVE playing with!!  They are all very, very special and fun!

Leo and Bella Were Wonderful Helping Perry Open His Gifts

Sadly, by this point it was time for everyone to go home and take naps.  Perry and I decided it would be fun to head up to Grammie and Grampie’s to go swimming.  However, by the time we got out of our subdivision, little bitty was sound asleep in his car seat. 

I feel so blessed that Perry and I have so many good, fun friends.  I can’t wait until our next play date in a few weeks so we can all have fun swimming together.

Our Best Attempt to Get a Picture of All the Little Ones
(Sweet Curran Had to Leave a Bit Early)

Mommy, Daddy, and Me After My Party

2 kind thoughts:

Mary Louis Quinn said...

We had such a good time and the monkey cupcakes turned out SO cute! I hate that we missed the group picture! :(

Brooke said...

I'm really glad ya'll had a good time. And I know! After everyone left, that's what I told my mom. But, it wasn't the best group picture either. Are you both coming to the play date on the 19th? Maybe we can get a cute picture of all the babies in their swimsuits!!

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