Monday, July 26, 2010


 Ever since I was young, I would always hear Moms talk about their baby's hair as if it were precious gold.  "I just can't bring myself to cut it!," I would hear them say.  And every time I heard something similar to that I would think, "Oh geez woman!  It's just hair... get a grip!"  And now that I am a Mommy... I am totally eating my words/thoughts!!

Perry's hair is a beautiful, soft gold.  It has grown so long, and I just love running my fingers through it.  However, it was also getting in his eyes and annoying him.  My Mom and Grandmomma both kept making comments about how a haircut was just around the corner... but I was determined he was going to be a long-haired rocker baby, because after all, there was no way I was putting a pair of scissors anywhere near that precious gold!!

But sadly, I realized that it truly was bothering him.  We were constantly running our fingers through his hair to sweep it out of his eyes, and my Grandmomma would go as far as to hair spray it in place, making him look just like a little boy from the '50s.  So very spontaneously (because if I thought about it long, I would talk myself out of it) on Saturday, July 17, I called my friend Emily at the Jevia Spa in Trussville, to ask her if she could squeeze him in before our beach trip that week.  Much to my disgruntle (I was almost hoping I could get out of doing it due to a lack of availability in her schedule), she had an opening at 1:15.

So, at 1:15, I broke out my camera and gave one of the beauticians an impromptu photography lesson.  As soon as Emily put the cute little cape on Perry, he thought it was so cool.  He kept flapping his arms like a little birdy.  Then, the cutting began.  At first he was curious, then he decided he hated getting beautified!!  So our personal photographer had to put down the camera and swap her hat to Perry's personal entertainer.  She kept him occupied with the hairdryer at the next station, and although he giggled and grinned the rest of his makeover, we didn't get any pictures of his newfound happiness.

Wild Rocker Dude

Not such a Happy Camper

A Fresh New Look

All in all, the haircut was a great success.  Emily did a great job at getting a little length (though not too much) off in order to keep his hair out of his eyes, not making his new 'do into a bowl cut (which I was horribly scared of), and cutting me a precious lock of my baby's hair (which is carefully saved in a memory keeper in Perry's room and makes me slightly teary-eyed and gives me that funny feeling in my tummy when I look at it).  I certainly understand where those crazy Mom's were coming from now.  It is a very small reminder that our precious babies will not be babies for long...

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