Monday, September 20, 2010

The Emperor's New Groove

A week ago, Perry and I were able to meet up with a good friend and her three girlies for a yummy dinner at Kinomi’s.  We chose to meet at this restaurant for several reasons:  it is in between where we both live, we thought that the cooking show would be fun for the kids, and we both love Japanese cuisine (though our significant others do not). 

The night proved to be LOTS of fun!  Perry LOVED watching the chef prepare our food, especially whenever he started spinning the knives and making lots of noises.  Then, he got even more excited when the drummer came out and made his round about the restaurant celebrating someone’s birthday.  At first he just giggled and yelled, and then he got so interested in it that he just stared.  It was the cutest thing! 

Finally (I was STARVING!!) our dinner salads came out.  I just love the ginger dressing, and apparently, so did Perry.  He has always been fond of salads, but I just figured that was because of the ranch dressing.  But I gave him a piece of lettuce with the ginger dressing on it to try, and he gobbled it up.  In fact, not only did he share my salad, but when we were finished, he started screaming for Betsy to give him some of hers.  Not his best manners moment, but I was glad he was going crazy for something healthy, at least.

After my steak was cooked to perfection, the chef poured our plates with fried rice, noodles, and vegetables (YUM-O!!), which I quickly drenched with shrimp sauce.  Once again, my little guy went crazy to try some, and not surprisingly so (seeing as how the only think I’ve ever given him that he didn’t like was tomatoes).  He also proved to be quite the fan of delicious food!  One of the waitresses got such a kick out of him eating it so fast, that she gave him a pair of chop-sticks to try.  She was very sweet and even tied the ends of the sticks together so that he could use them a little bit easier.  I figured that he would either throw them down or make a disastrous mess, but instead, he gingerly picked up his rice, noodles,  and vegetables and went to town “chopsticking” them into his little mouth.  I was utterly amazed at his talent.   Maybe one day Perry will be able to teach his little sister how to eat with chopsticks!!  :)

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