Thursday, September 23, 2010

The New Dog in Town

Justin has been wanting to get our dog Otis a friend for a while now.  (Some of you may remember our sweet Sadie Bug, the labradoodle.  Though she will always be my little princess, she has a tendency to be a stuck up and dare I say it, spoiled, always-get-her-way little princess.  She would always gobble up her food, then bully Otis for his.  Well, she growled and snapped at him one too many times and he finally retaliated, leaving her dainty self bruised and scratched.  Needless to say, she now lives at my Mommy and Daddy’s house in a four acre fenced in yard, with a pool, and other friendly dogs to play with.  Basically, I’m sure she feels she’s moved up into high society!) 

Anyway, Justin finally convinced me to go to the humane society to look around.  I told him (very adamantly, especially given the fact that I really didn’t think a new dog was the best thing for our family right now), that if the dog made me even the slightest bit nervous, we were not taking it home.  He agreed, so off we went.

Well, we arrived, and the Pyrenees that we were going to look at actually did make me slightly nervous with all her barking.  Unfortunately though, when we turned the corner, Justin saw what was the biggest dog I think I have ever seen!!!!..... AND, he fell in love.  I was not so in love, but saddened that this enormous creature was stuffed in a little kennel.  His HUGE baby face looked so sad.  And he just cut his eyes up to look at us.  Pit-i-ful!!  So like a total pushover, I agreed to do the “visitation” part of the adoption.   This giant animal came sauntering into the adoption room and like a little lamb put his head in my lap and let me love on him.  Okay, now in love, but seriously not in love with his size, or giant stomach, or enormous mouth!  Have I mentioned he is HUGE???!!! 

Justin begged and we signed.  Dog owners, once again.

Since he is SOOOO big, they required a home study which meant that Jasper had to spend both Sunday and Monday nights in the humane society before our home study was completed Tuesday afternoon.  Unfortunately, Justin has to work in the afternoons, which left me to sign all the rest of the paperwork and be at the home for them to “deliver”  our new “baby”- which yes- by age he is considered a baby...all 140 pounds of baby- AHG!! Room to grow!!

So I guess there’s only one thing left for me to say, “Welcome home Jasper, welcome home!”  :)

3 kind thoughts:

Life At 1604 said...

Oh my gosh, Brooke! I don't think "huge" is an adequate descriptor! But, I love that you adopted- humane society pups and kitties are the best! Jasper and Perry will be best friends forever!

Brooke said...

Gracious Brianna!! You should see him in person. Honestly, the picture doesn't even do him justice! But I certainly agree with you. This family's all about adoption!! :) That's where we got Otie too!

The Hewett's said...

You lost some points with me so should've used Mudge as his name!

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