Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Greetings! (From Shutterfly, that is!)

Last year was a magical year in the Murphree household.  We had  SO much fun celebrating the season of baby Jesus’ birth with our own precious new baby boy, Perry.  Unfortunately said child barely slept AT ALL during his entire first year of life, so his Mommy was barely functional.  Needless to say, Christmas greeting cards just weren’t a priority for us last year. 
Perry's first Santa visit

Thankfully, Mr. Perry decided to give his Mommy a little shut eye, allowing me to do more of our favorite Christmas traditions this year.  One of my favorites, of course, is sending out Christmas cards.  Since this will be Perry’s first year on a Christmas card, I just knew it had to be perfect.  Luckily, I found “the one” on Shutterfly’s website.  Not only does it have a place for a picture of Mr. P, but SIX pictures!  I was so excited to have an opportunity to show many different pictures of my little guy throughout this past year, since narrowing it down to one was proving to be quite difficult.  But to make the card absolutely “me,” it even features a monogram “M” right in the middle for Murphree.  (And believe me… I am ALL about monograms!)  Too Cute!!
I hope Santa doesn't catch me being naughty!

(Not only does Shutterfly have cute Christmas cards:, they also have calendars: , birthday cards:, and even cute thank you cards:, plus many more projects and gift ideas.)
Kissing Mommy under the Mistletoe

But wait, there’s more! ;)  Just for blogging about my adorable Christmas card plans, Shutterfly is going to give me 50 Christmas greeting cards!  That’s right, 50 FREE greeting cards!  What is more exciting than finding something perfect, then finding out it is going to be free?!  For your very own blog post and 50 free greeting cards, go to
Playing With My Favorite Christmas Toy!

Wishing you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS season from the Murphrees (and Shutterfly too!)

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

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The Hewett's said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Christmas card! :)

Brooke said...

Thanks!! I can't wait until we get them in the mail!!

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