Monday, December 20, 2010


Last Thursday night, I was able to do something I deem really, really cool.  I met one of my favorite celebs- Rachel Ray!! I was SUPER excited, because at first I didn't think I was going to get to go.  But thanks to my Mom and my wonderful husband, I was off to meet the one and only.

Let me assure you she is just so stinkin' cute!! I was so giddy and excited, so you can imagine my surprise when I nearly ran into her when she was making her grand debut!  We were in Books A Million in the Brookwood mall.  I was number 301 in line to get my book signed, so I thought there would be plenty of time to wander around the bookstore before I met her.  I was looking for a copy of Guiliana and Bill's new book (yes- I'm a TOTAL celeb biography junkie...and yes, I managed to also find a SIGNED copy of this book too! Yipee!!) when I started walking up to a BAM employee.  All of the sudden this lady who was bent down started talking to a puppy (there were beagles all over the store b/c she was raising funds/awareness for adopting dogs... right down our alley!) when I recognized her voice.  Seriously, I never dreamt I would have been "star struck."  But, I literally stopped dead in my tracks and was screaming, "It's her! It's her!" on the inside!  Then, I looked up and four police officers looked like they were about to jump me!  I quickly shuffled back, and had this strange urge to curtsy or something... which I managed to subside. ;)

Then, of course, I had to run to find my sister, Melissa, to tell her of my near collision.

Then, we waited awhile and I had the bright idea to give RR a Christmas card.  And yes, oddly, I had them all in my purse.  (What DON'T I have in my purse, really?  Items currently in my purse: a stapler, toothbrush, extra shirt, undies, clock, not watch,- not even kidding, camera, elf, spoon, leggos, hairspray, thread.... yes there's more....but I could list for a while.)  Anyway, I decided that since I love so much reading about the lives of others, that I would give RR the opportunity to read a little about my life and family as one of her "followers."  So, I quickly wrote out the following letter on the back of our Christmas card, leaving her my thanks for all her 'yum-o' recipes and the URL to my blog.  And yes, I'll admit, since Mr. P wasn't there with me, I desperately wanted RR to have the opportunity to see my little cutie too!

So when it was my turn to get my book signed, I quickly walked up and said Merry Christmas!  That was seriously the only thing I could squeak out.  I stared at her signing my book, looking at her hair, makeup, clothes, necklace, and earrings, acutely aware that this moment was going to FLY by.  I wanted to memorize the moment.  I know.... Melissa is on the verge of calling me a stalker.  But I assure you, I was perfectly polite and non-weird.  Then, I slided my Christmas card right beside her water, so she would surely see it.  Then, I quickly remembered to smile for a picture, which Melissa graciously snapped.  Then, I was swooshed away so the next two hundred people could have their own shining moment of glory!

As we were walking out to the car, Melissa said, "You could of at least handed her your Christmas card...."

To which I reminded her, I was seriously star struck.  And given that Kevin Bacon was really rude to me in an airport once, it kind of made me laugh that I was frozen like that, given that I'm such a not shy person.

So anyway, if you're reading this Rachel, "Hi! I hope you had a great flight back.  And, I thought I'd share one of my "Brooke's Easy Peazy Favorites!" :)

Easy Peazy Philly Cheese Steak Melts


(makes two sandwiches… you could put less meat on each sandwich and probably get four if you’d like.)

1 10oz package of pre sliced Sara Lee Roast Beef slices
1 package of Sergento Pepper Jack Cheese slices
1 medium sweet onion
1 bell pepper
1 package of hoagie buns
spices of your choice (to taste)

Sautee one medium sweet onion and one bell pepper in olive oil
            (I sprinkle a little onion powder, garlic powder, and seasoned pepper in the skillet… just whatever spices you like and have on hand.)
Divide package of meat in half.
Put half the roast beef on each hogie bun.
Top with desired amount of onions and bell peppers.  (Justin and I both like A LOT!)
Then, top with two pieces of pre packaged Sergento Pepper Jack cheese slices.
Broil in the oven until cheese is melted and bubbly.
Vio La!  YUM-O and EASY PEAZY!!

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The Hewett's said...

I am a tad bit jealous you got to meet RR! You know my OBGYN in B'ham told me that I reminded her of RR (her looks and personality!) I took that as a compliment, of course. ;)

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