Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions {Three Weeks In}

I’m not gonna lie. New Year’s resolutions are NOT easy to keep. But…. So far, I’m VERY proud to say that I’ve been doing a pretty good job. I am sad to say, that my ‘read the Bible in a year’ plan has been the hardest. But, you’ll be glad to know that I’m hangin’ in there. I think the biggest challenge with this resolution is not that I don’t want to do it, it’s just that by the time there is enough serenity in my house to do my reading, I am SOOOO tired. I just keep telling myself that anything worth doing is most likely going to require work.

Yes- My Bible is pink...
Along with just about everything else I own.

The cleaning/organizing thing has also been going okayyyy. We have our house up for sale right now, so that has been some motivation. I’ve sent a lot of stuff to Goodwill, but man do we have a lot of junk. I really want our back storage room to have a purpose, so I’ve been trying to motivate myself by saying it needs to be clean so that it can be something. That transformation might have to wait until summer though.

My kitchen is neat and organized.  It will not be like this for long.
I felt an extreme urge to document...

Oddly enough, the resolution that has been the easiest for me to stick to is eating healthier and being more active. My friend Kristi and I have been yoga-ing Monday-Thursday, and I now have running dates with my friend Carly on Fridays. I’ve also signed on to teach a future majorette baton lessons once a week, so I’m really excited about all my exercising opportunities. The best part of all these calorie burning dates is that they are with people I enjoy so much. It’s fun to have productive girl time. I’ve also noticed that eating better and exercising more is making me feel better. Who knew? So mayyyybeeee, come summer I’ll put on that bikini with confidence. Okay, so I might be stretching it… That tankini will hopefully look alright! :)

This is the squishiest, most comfortable yoga mat I have ever stepped on.
It's only downfall... it didn't come in pink! ;)

I’m VERY curious what your New Year’s Resolutions were and if you’re sticking to them. Let me know!! Hopefully we can encourage each other.!!

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

I'm right there with you plugging along with the big plans of 2011. My Bible reading is the easiest for me because I read on my phone all day long. The exercise part~ harder definitely because of the littles and the healthy eating is going fine. Trying to wean myself off so much caffeine and it is awful!!! :)
Good job on all your accomplishments!
blessings and Joy!

Julie said...

I'm doing the read through a bible in a year too! Sadly, it is difficult because if I miss a day or two there is so much to catch up on. But I reallly want to do it this year. I've started many times but never quite gotten all the way through!!

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