Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{WIL/B&WW} The Day After

First off, I want to thank you all so much for such sweet words and prayers from last night.  Perry and I are much better today- We slept until 10:00, which was wonderful.  I was able to snuggle buggle Mr. P all night long and we both slept well, with exception of his stubburn cough.  Perry still looks pretty rough and my knee hurts really bad, but other than being banged up, I think we are both fine.  I think the initial shock of it all was the worst! 

Being Wednesday, I have several things that I'm loving!

I'm loving that my Mom is a nurse and was able to take care of Perry last night without us having to go to the doctor.
Mrs. Karen on the left, Baby Perry, then Nurse Grammie on the right-
You would never know Mom had been up for more than
36 hours straight when this photo was taken!

I'm loving that as a teacher, I don't have to tell my boss when I'm not coming in to work.  All I have to do is plug my absence into a web program called Aesop (which calles substitutes) and hope that a sub picks it up.  (If a sub does not pick up my absence, the other first grade teachers split my class.)  No- I NEVER do this and it is certainly not ideal for my students, but when emergencies come up, it's nice not to have to worry at all about calling to ask permission to be off and making arrangements for my class. 

This is a picture that belongs to my teacher friend, Anna.
She had it hung up in her classroom until she moved schools.
A little girl in Japan actually made it herself.  (It's a million tiny, colored dots if you can't tell!)
I thought it was SO amazing, I took a picture of her picture...
since she wouldn't let me keep it! ;)

I'm loving that my Grandmommy and Grandaddy are the ones who keep Perry during the day.  I cannot express how much it means to me that someone I know and love and trusts takes care of my baby when I am at work.  Plus, he has so much fun with them and is spoiled rotten- just the way a baby should be!!

Perry and Grandaddy hanging out by the barn.

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4 kind thoughts:

Anonymous said...

Glad you're both doing better today! xx

Anonymous said...

aw nice image! those photos are the best!

Megan said...

I didn't know that y'all could "call in" sick like that! That's neat!!

The Hewett's said...

Awe Brooke! It made me smile to see a tiny piece of me in your blog...I miss you! So sorry to hear about your fall with Perry. I'm so glad ya'll are BOTH ok though.

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