Wednesday, January 19, 2011


First of all, I have to say that I'm NOT loving that this post contains no pictures.  You see, whenever I try to upload a picture, it pops up and says:"Whoops! You're out of space. 
Photos are stored in your Picasa Web Albums account and are included in your 1 GB free quota for photos. Additional storage you purchase is shared between Gmail, Picasa Web Albums, and Google Docs, and is in addition to your free quota."   I DESPERATELY want to fix this problem, and thus far, the only people I know of that it's ever said this to is me and my friend Mary Louis.  Neither of us having been blogging for long, so we don't know what's up.  Can anyone out there help?  PLEASE???????

I am LoViNg that Justin and I attended our first adoption webinar last night. It was so much fun and informative, and yummy!! Huh? That’s right. We decided to turn our webinar reservation into date night. So, Justin picked up our FaVoRiTe Mexican cuisine from Munoz, right down the road. Delish!! (I meant to take a picture of my fajita quesadilla to put in my {365}, but I was so hungry when Justin arrived that I ‘remembered’ that plan about half way through my meal. Needless-to-say, it would no longer have been a delicious picture.)

I’m also LoViNg that I finally bit the bullet and bought Photoshop!! I AM SO EXCITED about this purchase. I’ve been going back and forth and back and forth between different programs and where to purchase it from, so after MUCH Q&A from lots of sweet blog friends (THANK YOU) and 4, yes 4, trips to the Apple store, a 45 minute conversation (ok-so 23 of those minutes I was on hold) to Adobe , and prayers- yes, I prayed over Photoshop, I bought it! I CANNOT WAIT to start some upcoming classes and learn lots of new techniques and editing tidbits. Woo Hoo!!

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m LoViNg that I am FINALLY back in school. After an entire week of ‘Snow Days’ and then celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I was ready to get back into a routine. Plus, grades were due today and since I couldn’t enter them in from home, I had this looming burden hanging over my head the whole break. It was good to be back and meet my deadline. Plus, I love my teacher friends, so I was glad to see all the girls again!

Hope you’re having a WoNdErFuL Wednesday!!

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Emily Powell said... can buy more space...or do what I did. I had a blog book printed out, deleted all my old post (I've been blogging like 3 years) and I signed onto my Picasa album and deleted all the old pictures. A lot of work...buying more space would be easier.

Julie said...

You are going to LOVE photoshop!! It's an addiction to addiction I tell ya'!!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

I hope you get more answers than I did!!!

Which Photoshop version did you buy? Where did you sign up for classes?

Brooke said...

Thanks Emily! I ended up just buying more space. I just hope I don't run out again before the year is over!

ML- I bought PS Extended. It actually has a few more features than PS, but with my teacher discount, it was cheaper than the regular was strange. Anyway, the whole process was incredibly confusing and stressful for me, but so far I'm loving the version I got. Also, I haven't signed up for a class yet. I'm waiting on a blog friend Lisa to make her online class announcement.... Also, Samford is offering a PS class in March that I might do. I'd love to take one with you if you're interested!! :)

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