Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Machines {Sunday Snapshot}

This Saturday, we had a blast at the McWayne Center's Big Machines Day.  It was right up Perry's alley!

I thought all the knobs on the fire truck were really pretty- yes, I know.  Spoken like a woman.

Perry riding on the back of the firetruck, with some help from Daddy.

They passed out some yummy frozen yogurt.  My very intelligent little one kept calling it his "cupcake!"

Skilled Professionals Only!

This crane was SO big, we could see all the way under it.

Perry loved playing on the balls and jumping off into all our arms.

Am I in trouble Mommy?

Of course not!! In fact, Daddy helped him create even more mischief!

A little boy that had been watching came up behind Perry to try the same hat trick.... 
He got in trouble by his parents.  Oops! 

Climbing around in the Fox 6 Storm Tracker.  
We got into a music conversation with the Meteorologists, so Perry was looking for guitars in the back.  He even told JP Dice that a guitar says "dong, dong, dong."

Family Photo Op

A Dump Truck.

A Spider Crane that Daddy and Grampie thought was pretty cool.

Honk!! Honk!!

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Ni Hao Yall

2 kind thoughts:

Mrs. Mama said...

What a gorgeous little man... and looks like a GREAT time!

Jen said...

That is some serious cuteness you've got going on over there!!!

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