Monday, March 7, 2011

ABC's Of Me {Miscellany Monday}

A- Age: 24

B-Bed Size: King! We HEART our bed DEARLY!! I think our pillow top King mattresses were the best purchase we’ve made as a married couple!

C-Chore You Hate: Folding laungry…..

D-Dogs: Sadie Alexis (Sadie Bug), Otis Morgan (Otie Botie), and Jasper Agus (Jas-Paragus).

E- Essential start of your day: I’m not a big coffee person, and I can forgo breakfast for at least a few hours, so I would say the essential start to my day is brushing my teeth.

F-Favorite color- PINK!! I am SO girly. If I buy something it HAS to be pink!!

G- Gold or Silver?: Both- I have recently conjured up quite a love for gold, which hasn’t always been the case. I think thin gold bracelets and subtle necklaces are just beautiful. I even like pieces that mix both metals.

H-Height: A whopping 5’2”

I- Instruments You Play: I was made to play the saxophone in high school. I can squeak out a few notes, and I mean that in all the literal sense. However, my instrument is my voice. I love to sing! I have sang at church numerous times and at five weddings, including my own.

J-Job Title: First Grade Teacher

K-Kids: Perryman Phillip Murphree (21 months) Perry’s name is very special to Justin and Me. Perryman is my maiden name and Phillip is a family name on Justin’s side.

L-Live: We live in Alabama- such a fun state, centrally located to many awesome vacation spots!

M-My Mom’s Name: Bobbie Elinda Perryman… Linda. My name is Elinda Brooke. I share “Elinda” with numerous other women in my family, and almost every single Grandmother as far back as I can trace.

Nickname: Frannie (See previous post for elaboration.)

O-Overnight Hospital Stay: Eeek- Way. Too. Many. Seriously, lots. I’m incredibly accident prone. Many concussions, broken bones, severe strep/stomach issues, and the best of all… having my sweet, sweet Baby Boy!

P- Pet Peeve: Rudeness. In my opinion it is SO much easier to be nice to someone. I can’t stand a snarky person.

Quote from a Movie-The flower that blooms in adversity... is the most rare and beautiful of them all. ~Mulan

R- Righty or Lefty?: Righty- Unless I’m doing gymnastics, in which case I’m a lefty.

S-Sibling: Melissa Jane Perryman aka-Skrimpie or MoJane (21) Genius- in Pharmacy School and typically makes the highest grades in her classes. Beautiful- holds the record for most and most consecutive pageant wins in our high school’s history. She refuses to compete in the “major leagues” though b/c she HATES performing piano, even though, (you guessed it) she is A-MA-ZING!!!

T-Time You Wake Up: As. Late. As. Possible!!!

U-Underwear: Victoria’s Secret

V- Veggies You Dislike: It would be a LOT easier to list the ones I do: LETTUCE!! L-O-V-E!! potatoes prepared anyway, broccoli covered in cheese or ranch, okra and squash, but only fried in the batter my mom conjures up.

W-What Makes You Run Late: Sleeping late, picking out and ironing my clothes.

X-X-Rays You’ve Had: Lots- Refer to Letter O

Y-Yummy Food You Make: I LOVE to cook!! My best dishes are broccoli and cheese casserole, cheese ball, enchiladas, homemade cheese sticks, baked potatoes, salads, chicken pizza, and taco soup.

Z-Zoo Animal: The giraffes, hippos, and zebras are my favorite!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

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Suzanne's Sassy Spot said...

I love this and I am totally going to steal it!
By the way I played the saxophone too and definitely feel ya on the accident proneness :)

Brooke said...

Steal away my love! It was really fun to do! I know- I bet your "overnight ER" list would rival mine!! Can't wait to read your ABC's! :)

Jen said...

Brooke...Hi...I'm Jen from Leary Family Shenanigans...mind if I steal too... I would love to link it back to you! I'll wait to post until you've ok'd it! So much fun keeping up with you and your adorable family!

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