Sunday, March 6, 2011

Francesca the Italian Rock Climber {Sunday Snapshot}

My family has always been very "outdoorsy."  For as long as I can remember, we've been very involved in caving, rock-climbing, kayaking, and white water rafting.  My Uncle Timmy even broke the world record of repelling a few years ago when he and several of his friends repelled over 4,000 feet off the face of Mount Thor in the Arctic Circle.  Sadly, the repel was so dangerous, one of the team members actually lost their life.

Problems or Routes at the Gym Are Mapped Out by Colored Tape

One day, when I was in my first year at college, my aunt Becky, my (not yet) uncle Timmy, my sister, Melissa (Skrimpie), a few other friends and I were rock climbing.  I noticed that everyone was constantly calling each other by their nicknames.  I randomly said, "I'm the only one here that doesn't have a nickname!"  So, Timmy said, "Well what would you like to be called?"  Me, acting all prim and proper, replied, "Well, I've always really loved the name Francesca!"  So Timmy declared from now on,  I shall be called, "Francesca, the Italian Rock Climber!"

I truly, never would have guessed that would stick.  But now, Christmas presents, birthday cards, phone calls, and daily conversations are always addressed to "Fran or Frannie."  The only negative part about my nickname is that since it stuck so well, I will never be able to name a daughter Francesca!  
Anyway, since having Perry, I have minimized my dangerous hobbies drastically.  The downside to that is that I have cut out a lot of my physical activity and therefore, the items in my closet that actually fit are becoming slimmer by the day.  I decided a couple of months ago that that has to change.  So, I've been doing lots of yoga, running, and rock climbing.  

Francesca, the Italian Rock Climber

In fact, my favorite day of the week has to be Thursday.  That is the day that I meet up with my aunt Becky at the Rock Gym her and Timmy's friend owns in Birmingham.  We climb for a while, then go to an awesome yoga class-complete with chanting.... side note- I am 100% Christian and BY NO MEANS buy into the "inner Gods, mantras, gurus, and lottie da da".... It drives my Grandmommy CrAzY that I even go to these classes, and that I have now dragged my aunt into these "rituals".  My point- I have to try EXTREMELY hard not to die out laughing when everyone starts in on their "OOOOMMMMMMMMSSSSS."  Truly, it's hilarious and I wish Grandmommy would just go once to see me nearly snorting trying to hold in my giggles!  And if you are also Christian and wondering about this, the quiet and serene ending to every class is a great way to spend a few quiet minutes with the One and only God!  But really, I LOVE yoga.  I think that my gymnastics background is a huge part in loving this "stretch and stamina" based exercise.  Plus, I think it is too cool that handstands and backbends are a part of the "poses."

Becky on Her Favorite Route

One other side note- Becky is extremely humble and probably would die if she even read this, but I just want everyone to know what an AMAZING rock climber she is.  Seriously, she is one of the best climbers that go to this gym, and that is really saying something.  She can hold her body out past overhangs and just rip out pull up after pull up and after pull up, then pull herself back to the crag and continue on her route.  It's almost sickening to such a puny excuse of a rock climber, such as myself!

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