Monday, March 14, 2011

From Rags to Ruby!!

Adoption is so very near to my heart.  I think about little Miss R every. single. day.  At night when Perry says his prayers, he also adds, "and take care of Ruby until she can be my little sister!"  After "Amen,"  Perry always throws up his hands above his head and yells, "Wooobyyyyy!!!!"  It is SOOOO cute!!  I love that Mr. P is already praying for and excited about his future little sis.  I know he is going to be a GREAT big brother!

Though we are expecting to begin our official paper work this November (counting down the days!!) we have been planning for Ruby's arrival for a very long time!  As many of you know, the costs of adopting a beautiful Asian beauty are about as much as buying a luxury car.  But thankfully, we have been saving for a very long time.  The majority of all my graduation money went into a savings account, part of our wedding money went to join the graduation stash, and Miss R even has the sweetest "sponsor" in the world who gives me money each month to go in the savings account that all goes toward bringing our little angel home!

Even with all that, we are still a long. way. away.  That's why two years ago I started a side business called The Red Thread Monogramming.  Through researching adoption, I came across an ancient Chinese proverb that reads “An invisible red thread connects those destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break.” This saying is so dear to my heart, as I truly believe that there is already a link between my family and the child that God will one day bring into our lives. With that being said, I had been thinking and thinking of all the different ways that I could make an extra buck or two to help fund the adoption that we are dreaming of. When my family got a monogramming machine, I knew this was it! I love being creative, learning to sew, and hanging out with my Grandmommy (who constantly is helping me in the sewing department). What a more fitting name for my “business” than The Red Thread? It’s a constant reminder of what I am working towards. Every cent of profit that I make from monogramming goes straight into a savings account that will one day help bring our little girl home to her forever family!

Whenever our official paperwork begins, I have exciting plans to start a "From Rags to Ruby" Campaign!  CAN'T WAIT!!! 

I truly have so much fun designing and creating clothes and gifts for friends, family, and even strangers who have heard of my business and allowed me to sew for them.  With each piece that I sew, I am that much closer to getting to our little bitty.  So, you can understand how excited and emotional I got to find out that my blog friend Shay is doing THE SAME THING to bring her precious, precious little Will home to his forever family!!  

Sew Shay has SO many cute things to offer.  I think my favorite is her Rainbow Roll which offers easy and cute storage for many crayons.  Go ahead and head over to her adorable sight 5 Weddings and a Rehearsal Dinner and check out her store.  Grab something cute to help her bring Will home!!  You can also get in on her awesome giveaway.  Just be sure to leave an entry before next Monday! 

Happy Sewing!! 

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

SO wonderful that you already have a fund saving for your precious baby!!! VERY smart!!! LOVE your stuff!!! Would love to be able to monogram the things I make!!! ) My machine will monogram but it just scares me that I will mess it up. Yikes!!! Anyway, thank you SO much for posting about my shop... 'sew' sweet!!! I am thankful for you!!!

Brooke said...

You are SO welcome!! I am so excited for you and your family and grateful to be able to journey with you on your path to God's precious Will!!! And as far as sewing goes, I think it's funny because I feel the exact opposite. It's the sewing part that scares me!! With love...

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Our Adoption Timeline

  • June 19, 2011- We are officially "Paper Pregnant!" We have submitted our Waiting Child Application to Holt!
  • July 5, 2011- Submitted our formal Home Study Application to Villa Hope
  • September 6, 2011- Submitted all of our paperwork for our Home Study
  • October 8, 2011- Completed our First Home Visit
  • October 17, 2011- Completed our Second Home Visit
  • November 14, 2011- Home Study Approved
  • December 1, 2011- Filed our I600a
  • February 1, 2012- I600a Approval Letter
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