Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Day Out With Thomas {Black and White Wednesday}

We had planned to take Perry to see Thomas the Tank Engine when he came to town, so we were really excited when Grammie won tickets off the radio!  

So, after church Sunday (before last) afternoon, we loaded up the car to go see Thomas and Sir Topham Hat.  

When we got there, Perry was immediately enthralled with the petting zoo. 

After lovin’ on the rabbits and baby goats (I secretly LOVED the darling little piggies), we headed on over to the mini train.  Perry, Grammie, and Grampie took a quick spin around the railroad museum.  

Then, we needed a few refreshments as it was a FANTASTIC 82 degrees and sunny! 

Of course, we visited the gift shop, where Perry got an engineer’s hat and a really cute Thomas balloon.  

Next, it was straight to the bubbles while we waited for Thomas.  Though Perry had fun with the bubbles, I think he had lots more fun pretending to dump all the nasty water out of the “wash your hands off” bucket.

Finally, Thomas pulled up to the station.  We boarded the train and off we went on the 100 year old train car.  

Perry was just a little anxious to get a move on!

The train ride was about 30 minutes long and actually put precious little Perry to sleep towards the end.  

Thankfully, it was the last hoorah for the day, and we were able to load him up in his car seat for a nice nap home.  The only disappointing part of our weekend, was not getting any rest.  But who can complain after having so much fun?!

The nostalgia of being on a 100 year old train car really got to me.  Justin and I had a lot of fun pretending what it must have been like to travel in that train car so long ago.  I really enjoyed converting this picture of Perry into Black and White.  I feel like he really does look like a little boy from the 1920's anxious to travel on his first big train ride!

To see other amazing B&W shots, hop on over to Lisa's blog:
the long road

5 kind thoughts:

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a fun day! It looks like Perry had a complete blast...... I do love that shot of him hanging out the window:)

Have a great week~



Courtney said...

What a great day! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Great shots!!!

Margaret said...

That last photo in B&W is perfect. I have a son who LOVES Thomas the Tank and we are gathering quite the wooden railroad lately!

Scott said...

Looks like a fun day with Thomas. He is coming to our area soon and we already have tickets to see him.

Unknown said...

Looks like you really had a great day! I agree - that last photo looks so wonderfully vintage. :)

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