Friday, April 29, 2011

Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday was spent celebrating Perry's adorable friend Jakely's 2nd birthday at a local park.  Though Perry gave Jakely a very quick birthday hug, he was pretty content putting some miles on her hot pink jeep and coasting down the slide.  He was also quite taken by the furry white tornado Bella, the maltipoo.

After the party we took P to hunt Easter egg's at my old church.  (Though P pretty much missed the hunt because we were running late and P had to go potty!  YES!! P has been wearing big boy underoos for the last two weeks and has done fantastic!  He will even (for the most part) wake Justin or me up at night to go potty!!)

(This was taken right before P was allowed to go to the potty....not by me but by the organizer.  The Easter Bunny was ready to head out and if we wanted a picture it was now or never.  Perry did a great job "holding it," so I was really proud-despite the lack of "hallmarkness" this photo exudes...)

After the hunt, we had a snack and Perry made the cutest Easter sticker art that has now found its home on our refrigerator.  Since P doesn't go to school yet, this is really his first piece of art.  It's definitely getting laminated and scrapbooked!  (We will not be home tonight, so I will try to take a photo of his art work and add it soon!)

Then, we went to Grammie and Grampie's to hang out by the pool.  Some ding dongs family members decided to actually get in the artic water.  Pure craziness if you ask me!!

Saturday evening, we house hopped to Grandmomma and Grandaddy's for some sandbox, swing time, yummy tacos for dinner, and dying Easter eggs! 

Though Justin and James initially made fun of Melissa and Me for being so excited, they were quite into it.  Justin made some amazing vehEGGles!

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

Talking about that 2nd birthday party just made me realize that Perry is about to turn TWO! I can't believe it! I was thinking, that's weird that Perry has a friend turning two...oh wait! :) I mean, I know he is two months older than Curran, but it just took me momentarily by surprise that our babies are about to start turning 2!

And I am SO impressed that P is nearly potty trained! That is awesome! C showed interest a few months back and that has now totally petered out.

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