Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lack of Posts {Sunday Snapshot}

Yes, I have been extremely busy this past little bit, but that is not the soul reason my poor blog has been lacking in posts lately.  

You see, I've been trying to post for over a week now, and I can't upload any pictures.  

It has been very, very frustrating.  

Everytime I try to upload a picture, it says "server rejected".  

Can anyone help??  

I've got LOTS to catch up on and I'm very eager to be blogging, but let's be honest, an interesting post NEEDS pictures!!  

Please, please help if you have any clue how I can fix this!!

I really would actually love to have a Sunday "Snapshot" for Sunday Snapshot!! ;)

***UPDATE:  A sweet, sweet, sweet girl, Katney, responded to my google forum cry for help and so generously offered a suggestion.... and it worked!!! I am truly grateful for her taking the time to see if she could help me!  Check out my "REAL" Sunday Snapshot in my newest post!  :)

Sunday Snapshot

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Rebecca said...

Maybe if you log out and then log back in? I don't know.........Did you try googling something to the nature of 'sever rejected on blogger (browser you're using)'

Brooke said...

Thank you for your suggestion. I've logged in/out, tried uploading from different locations, and changed to the old blogger, all to no avail. I've posted on the "google forum", but gotten nothing. I don't know how to contact blogger directly, but I've googled the problem and lots of people keep saying they've gotten no help about the matter. I'm pretty bummed about it, just hoping SOMEONE out there knows how to help me! :(

Life At 1604 said...

I have no suggestion. It's never happened to me and if it does, you will hear me scream, "Nooooooo!!!!!" I'm so sorry!:( And I want more Perry pics so I hope you find someone to help you!

Brooke said...

I know it's silly, but I'm really upset about it. I think it's causing me to go into a slight depression. :(. Blogging is a such a stress reliever for me (usually) but all week long, it's just added to it. I'm really bummed! I'm really praying someone can help!!

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