Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend

Mother’s Day Weekend was very busy, yet fun for us. It started out Friday afternoon when I picked up the precious Leo and Bella to spend the night with us. I have had the honor of babysitting them since Bella was only 6 weeks old!! Perry loves, loves, loves having them over, and I am right there with him. We had a tea party, played outside, and then baked some cookies that accidently turned into brownies. (I didn’t have chocolate chips, only big chunks of chocolate, so I grated them into the batter. Apparently, that made them gigantic and extra gooey!) They were YUMMY!! We ate a few, then the girls wanted to give the rest to their Mommy. We also took this picture during our tea party. We spray painted a frame I already had white and framed the picture to give to Betsy for Mother’s Day. I was excited to help the girls with their special gift and their sweet Mommy LOVED it!!

After dropping the girlies off with their Mommy, and Mr. P with his Daddy for the evening, my sister and I went to a friend’s (will eventually be Melissa’s sister in law) bachelorette party. The night started out at California Pizza Kitchen with some yummy food and great conversation! Melissa and I were quite the wild ones and stayed out to a mere 9:00. She had a final on Monday and I have a baby at home…

(I was bummed that this ended up being the only picture the gentlemen who took this for me took.  The group was about three times as large as this.)

Sunday morning, we went to church and then us girls and Mr. P enjoyed an outing to Homestead Hollow’s arts and crafts show. We got great deals because it was not crowded at all (probably due to mother’s day) and it was the last day of the show. Some of my goods included an outfit for Mr. Perry and Miss Ruby (I’m hoping it will fit! It was entirely too cute and cheap for me to pass up. I did a little monogramming on it and it’s perfect!!), an apron for P (he LOVES to cook and grill! Definitely a Murphree), some bows for R, and a few other randoms. And of course, we had a smorgasbord lunch. Me, Mom, Becky, and Melissa all get one (greasy junk food) dish, and then we all share. I love it. It would probably scare an outsider looking in! ;)

As we were walking toward the exit, Perry spotted the ponies and petting zoo. I could have kicked myself for leaving my camera in the car, but at least I had my IPhone. To say he loved it was an understatement! He talked about the animals all night long!

Then, we came home, Mr. P napped, Mom cooked a delicious dinner, and I did a bunch of monogramming. Right before dinner, we did presents. I was very excited to get a card, flowers, and an external hard drive from my baby and hubby, and my sweet Mommy gave me a sparkly emerald charm (for Perry’s birth month-May) to go on my Pandora bracelet.

My sweet Mommy laughing at her all too true Mother's Day card.

Although it was a wonderful mother’s day for me, filled with love and family, I couldn’t help but cry a few tears over the thought of Miss Ruby’s mom going through all she has/will go through. I hope that the Lord gives her the comfort and peace of mind to know that her little girl has a Mommy that will love her unconditionally and cannot wait until she holds her tight in her arms! I will forever be grateful and thankful for a mother who made a life changing sacrifice and chose life for her daughter.

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