Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meet Alivia {Sunday Snapshot}

Ok, so I didn't exactly take these snapshots this week.
Ok, ok, ok, so I stole them....without the owners permission.

I'm hoping she doesn't mind.
Alivia is so so so so so so loved.
Her parents have been given travel approval to go get her!!
The problem is, they don't currently have the funds they need for plane rides, hotel accommodations, and other travel expenses.

As a Mommy, I can't imagine anything more heartbreaking than knowing I am allowed to go scoop up my baby in my arms,
but knowing I can't because I don't have enough money to get to her.

Please, please, please, please, please go to Alivia's website and chip in to help bring Alivia home. 
There are some pretty rockin' prizes for helping out too!! 

Solomon Bead

But wait, there's more! ;)

PLEASE go to this post to enter my GIVEAWAY to help bring Will home to his Forever Family!!

I am giving away not one, but TWO fabulous camera straps from Sew Shay!! 

You can also click on Will's button below to visit his fantastic auction site as well.  LOTS of awesome goodies up for grabs!!


"He blesses those who provide for the orphans."  Deuteronomy 14:29

Sunday Snapshot

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5 kind thoughts:

Unknown said...

OK, I will click on her link...even though I am so completely out of money it isn't funny. There is always money to help someone though, isn't there? We must help. LOVE this post and your kind heart : )

Brooke said...

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! :) You WILL be blessed!! With love...

Amie said...

awww, Alivia!!!Thanks for helping them to spread the word!


Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Thank you SO much Brooke! You're SO sweet!!!

Jennifer said...

Oh my, Miss Alivia is precious!!! Praying for her family!!!

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