Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Royal Wedding {in Alabama}

When I was just sixteen, I met my soul mate. We were instantly in love. He was my high school sweetheart and I was his. It didn’t take long until there was a ring on my finger! The summer after my graduation, Justin popped the question while with my family on vacation at The Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. After a two year engagement (that FLEW by!!) we were married in our beautiful church, with all our friends and family to celebrate with.

Our wedding was nearly an hour long due to me packing in everything I could possibly think of to ensure I stay in my gorgeous dress for as long as humanly possible. During Communion, Justin and I were seriously giggling together talking about how our poor guests were probaby bored and starving to death! Lucky for them, we had an awesome spread of deliciousness waiting! (Photography and Food were the two main elements I focused on when planning our wedding. The beautiful sea-food covered ice sculpture was actually made by amazing and very talented Daddy and Grandaddy. I was so in love with it- little did I know until after getting back from our honeymoon, that it nearly didn’t make it to its grand debut. They couldn’t get that gigantic mass to actually FREEZE! It was a mere miracle, D and G say!)

Besides the exchanging of rings during the ceremony and all of the I do’s, my favorite part was singing to Justin before our vows. He was so surprised, that he started crying and sniffling. It was just precious and made me tear up too! So, during the bridge of the song, I actually covered the mic and whispered to him that he was going to have to stop crying so I could finish singing the song! To which, we both started giggling… Our ceremony was so special and personal to us. I love those little stolen moments we were able to share.

It was a ‘royal wedding’ that we soaked up and thouroughly enjoyed! Who knew that only a mere two years into our marriage, we would welcome a precious baby boy to join in on the fun?

I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone else to go on this journey of life with. Justin truly gets me, and I get him. We are best friends through and through. I love how he encourages me, and I love how he typically lets me get my way. I love that he loves to cook as much as me and dreams as big as he can dream. I enjoy looking at houses with him, taking evening walks around the neighborhood together, and I certainly cherish every second of our family nap times!

Justin- I love you with all of my being. Straight to the moon and back! As the song goes, I believe that when God made you, he must have been thinking about me! I can’t wait to spend forever with you.

All my love and MORE!

PS- One day closer! :)

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Happy anniversary!!! What a great story!!!

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