Saturday, July 30, 2011

{Dirty} Laundry

So, this weekend, I had my arm twisted the privilege of hanging out with the girls (and P, of course!) where we talked about anything and everything girls talk about.

Then the talk turned dirty.  Becky and Melissa (my aunt and sister) started dissing blogs.  Uhg.  Hate when this happens.

Becky swears that blogs are like those Christmas letters people send out that brag and brag about their lives.  I protested by saying my blog was not like that, and that I never "froo-frooed" up my life to be something its not.  She disagreed saying that she reads it and finds that is is like reading "Christmas letters..."


Once again, I retaliated by saying that I never try to be (or to depict my life to be) something I'm not, and that I just I LOVE to write.  If I could pick a fantasy job, I would be an author.  I LOVE literature and words.  Like, LOVE words.  I think it is so fun how you can make words bounce off a page and say "happy" about five hundred different ways.  So, of course, I like to make my writing interesting using interesting words.  Of course, I don't ALWAYS use words like smitten and facetious in my everyday language. (I would just like to interject that I can't use words like this because my family has no appreciation for such words and therefore would most likely not even understand what I was trying to say.  Humph.) However, like spices to a yummy dinner, in my opinion, these such words spice up writing and make it interesting and educating.  I think this might come with being a teacher.

Also, I can't stand to listen to people whine.  (There is a difference in needing consoling and whining...)  So, unless you are my immediate family or a very, very close friend, I try to always keep a very positive attitude, even when I'm not really feelin' it on the inside.  I really try hard not to whine on my blog.

But, just in case my blog has come across as a "Christmas letter" to you, I, my dear bloggy friends, would like to become as real as possible to you.  So I'm going to list ten things that I feel you should know about me.... gross, sad, funny, random, etc.

1.  I sometimes drink the juice straight from the jug rather than pouring me a glass.  After all, Perry and I are the only ones who drink it anyway, and heck, if I'm willing to drink after him from his sippy cup (oh yeah peeps) then what's a swig straight from the container gonna hurt?

2.  My first year of college, my uncle (by marriage) had an affair with my (then) 17 year old best friend.  It went on to the point of him moving in with her and her family.  I had to drive past her house everyday to go to school and had to see his truck there all the time.  I have long since forgiven both of them, but the hurt no doubt is still there.  However, I still have slight trust issues.  (I have thought many a night about writing a post on this tragedy of my life, simply because it has molded so much of who I am today, yet I in no means wanted to sound "whiny".  So, I shall list it on my "I'm a human too and in no way want to sound perfect list" and leave it to that....I'd also like to point out that said aunt is now happily remarried and has many blessings (such as Me!) in her life.)

3.  I misplace EVERYTHING.  I was going to link a very humorous post proving this point, but I actually can't find the original post.  (Go figure.)  In summary, when Perry was about 6 months old, I was running really late to his very first swim class.  I finally had P-man in the car and everything ready to go, when I realized I must have left my keys inside, and I had already locked the house.  I momentarily panicked, but then thought of the very tall ladder in the backyard.  I hauled that joker up to the front of the house, proceeded to climb up to the roof, and broke into my own house through my bedroom window.  Then, I ran like a mad woman through my house searching for my keys, frequently running back out to my car to check on Perry b/c I am so paranoid that someone might try to come and snatch him.  Finally giving up, I went back out to my car to take Perry out of his car seat and just miss the first class, only to find my car keys- in the driver's seat.... Please jump to #10 to hypothesize (does anyone in my family know what this word means??) the rest of the story.  ;)

4.  I frequently correct my family's grammer.  I know it's rude, but I feel like someone needs to encourage proper grammer techniques.  I don't openly correct my friend's (or stranger's) grammer, but please know I am cringing on the inside.  I have also been known to write letters to publishing companies informing them of grammatical errors in their books or publications.  I have also been paid to write many a college essay (don't even give me your honesty speeches right now... I'm telling you all the ways I'm NOT perfect...) and have even won a certain someone a scholarship with my penmanship.  Said paper was even printed in a certain newspaper.  Don't think I wasn't going crazy to tell everyone I actually wrote it.

5.  I (and I make my husband) reuse towels at least three times before I put them in the laundry.

6.  When I got my job offer at Southeastern (still... must write a post on this) I tried calling everyone I could think of to tell them and celebrate.  Ten dead end phone calls later, I jumped up and down and squealed like crazy, laughing and crying and celebrating by myself for a good five minutes.  Then randomly throughout the evening, I would get the urge to squeal at the top of my lungs, tighten every muscle in my body, and shake enthusiastically!

7.  I still wear my maternity clothes sometimes.  Those maternity pants are the!  Why do all pants not have those comfy elastic bands?!

8. I am addicted to Christmas music.  I could listen to it all year round, hands down.  From November 1-December 25, if you try to change my radio station, you're dead meat.

9.  I borrow my sister's clothes without asking all the time.  It makes her furious.  Her irritation tends to make me giggle.  I kindly remind her that when I'm dead and gone, she's going to miss times like these.

10. I am late to everything.  (This is most certainly not intentional.)  Justin says I will be late to my own funeral.  I say no because I'm not having a funeral.  Seriously people, if you waste money on a funeral for me, I will come back and haunt you.  Just go shopping and have a nice dinner afterwards.  Or name your kids after me.  Whatever.

So you see?  I'm totally human.  I have LOTS of flaws.  I just like to focus on the positives when it comes to my blog.  Why would I want to document the bad and the ugly? In fact, I created a blog for these few reasons:

1. To journal about and organize pictures of my family's life.
2. To have a creative writing outlet.
3. To share with others the miracle of adoption and receive support from other adoptive parents.

So if you're ever feeling like my blog is "Christmas letterish," just shoot me an email or leave a comment, and I'll be glad to whine or share something embarrassing or ridiculous about my life for a bit.  :)

Disclaimer:  Love to all my family... and even Beck and MoJane... life would not be worth living without you all in it. Pinky promise!  :)

(AND- if you find a grammatical error on this post, please kindly keep it to yourself.  After all, it would be rude to correct a stranger! ;)

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

I really think your blog is great~ it's a place we document things in our lives we want out there... we don't tell our personal stuff to complete strangers in person so why would we do it on the blog? I really think if people think blogs are 'Christmas lettery' (which I really don't like to read because they are braggy), then don't read the blog~ simple as that. Keep writing and documenting and not get caught up on what other people think. LOVE knowing about sweet Perry. Just building you up sweet friend~ you are just fine!!!

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