Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes {Sunday Snapshot}

On July 2nd, one of my very best friends, Leslie (and her hubby, James) welcomed their beautiful, first born child, Miss Lily Ann, into the world.  I had so much fun getting in a few minutes of snuggle time before I had to scoop up my own little one and assure him he was indeed Mommy's number one, now and forever more!

While we were visiting Miss Lily at the hospital, Perry was not too fond of her and kept demanding saying, "Put Baby Really (Lily) down on da flowah.  Hold ME Mommyyyy!"

So you can imagine my surprise (followed immediately by lots of warm fuzzies) when after about three days (of not even mentioning Baby Lily) Perry ran up to me all pouty with his little head cocked to the side looking all sad and declared, "Mommy... I need to go to da ha-pitah."  I quickly scooped him up thinking he might have fallen or something and said, "What's wrong Baby-Bug?  Are you hurt?  Do you need to go see the doctor?"  (All while searching him over for bumps or scratches.)  He sweetly replied, "I not hut.  I need to go see Baby Really!"

I am thinking he will make a GREAT big brother after all!  :)  

6 kind thoughts:

Cedar said...

I'm sure he will make a great big brother! Congratulations for your friend!

Anonymous said...

so sweet. it is amazing how God, in his faithfulness, is gracious enough to prepare our 1st borns for the transition of #2. ;)

Unknown said...

That is so cute!

Unknown said...

Awwwwwwwww. What a sweet story. I love littles. The new ones. The toddling ones. All of them. Divine : )

Merrill said...

What a sweetie! Isn't it funny how things stick in their little heads and come back to us when we least expect it!

Cedar said...

Thanks for your comment on my post :) I basically took the advice from these two posts:


I used the bulb mode, didn't have a tripod (which apparently it would have made them better), set my f/16, my ISO 100, turned on manual focus set to infinity, and just aimed and shot, holding the shutter down until the burst was "done" which resulted in my shutter speed varying from 1.67 seconds to 7 but the sky almost always the right exposure.

I hope you have better luck next year on your firework attempts :)

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