Wednesday, August 3, 2011

{HOT} Mama's Salsa

Last weekend, the girls and I (and P, of course) got together to can some fresh, homemade salsa.  Becky and Timmy grew most of the vegetables (we needed a few extra tomatoes from the neighbor's), and I grew the cilantro.  It was so neat to can salsa using organic veggies that didn't even come from the market!

I wish so badly that I had taken pictures of the chopping/prep process.  It was really beautiful with all the bright colors and Becky's elegant chopping block.  But, instead of photographing, we were all too busy crying over the onions or choking over the jalapenos and cayennes.  (I had no idea that chopping such hot peppers literally made it hard to breathe.)  Even mincing the garlic cloves started to get to ya.

After we chopped, we boiled the tomatoes for about an hour with vinegar, then added the rest of the ingredients, then boiled for a few more hours.  Finally, we filled the mason jars and put them in the boiling water for their hot baths to seal the lids.

I'm sure Rachel Ray would be so proud of us (Becky) removing scalding hot salsa from its water bath with cheap tongs.  I'm not gonna tell you how many times they slipped, the boiling water splashed, and we all squealed like little school girls.  

But the finished product was both beautiful and incredibly scrumptious.  Even if the heat level is off the charts!  (Thank goodness we only used about 1/4 of the peppers the recipe required.  And ya'll, I like things H-O-T!! But even this salsa is a bit much for me!!)

All in all, the process took us about six hours!  It was a verrrry long process, but with good friends and a little wine, it was so much fun!  The recipe said our cooking would yield 10 jars, but really we filled 20 jars, about 4 of which were quart sized!! We had so much extra, we joked that we were going to sale it and label it, Hot Mama's Salsa!!  LOVE the name!! :)

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

That is wonderful!!! Would love to do that!!!

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