Friday, October 21, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog! {Favorite Photo Friday}

I absolutely love this photo, mostly because of the extreme irony in it. 
(And the fact it so perfectly shows off my hard monogramming labor!)

You see, I HATE hotdogs.

Gag, Bleck, Yuck, DISGUSTING!!

I find everything about them to be utterly grotesque.  

So much so, I wouldn't even allow Perry to eat them.  Bad Mom award me... I don't even care on this one.

But Perry's Daddy thought it was vitally important that our son experience the American Food of Choice.

And our little stinker LOVES them!

He actually ate TWO at this particular party.


It icks me out every time he eats one.

But, even so, I can't get over how ridiculously cute he is puttin' one down.  

....Stupid hot dog inventor....

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the long road

5 kind thoughts:

Cedar said...

Very cute! Well done on the shirt!

I'm with you, hot dogs, uggg. But they are really easy...I've found bologna serves my child's craving for creepy processed meat and isn't quite as disgusting.

Football and Fried Rice said...

Mmmmm......I love an occasional hot dog :)

And I really love your Monogramming!! Tell me more! Are you creating to sell?

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Adorable shirt and it's ok if they have a hotdog every once in a while but I agree with Ceder~ they are easy when you have a big crowd!!! :) XO

Brooke said...

Oh Justin LOVES a good hot dog, so he's always up for fixing them for him and P. Me, myself, I prefer good ole' chicken fingers!! But, they did looked super fun to "grill!" ;)

Nancy @ Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 10 said...

How in the WORLD did you keep that shirt so WHITE???!!!! It is clean! Wow. That totally negates any bad-mom award in my book.
It is an adorable photo!
Nancy-of the crazy 8

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