Thursday, October 20, 2011

Single Parenthood

I am so fortunate in that I am not a single Mom. God has blessed me with one of the most amazing men on the planet to be my husband and to be the most amazing Daddy to our children. No, we don’t always one hundred and one percent of the time get along like Lucy and Ricky, and things aren’t always peachy-keen in the Murphree household, BUT, we both know how good we have it! We are both incredibly thankful that we have each other and we tend to work great as a team!

However, for the past two months, our team has bit a bit gimpy. Justin was told to go on the night shift at work until the end of the year. :( There are a lot of pros and cons to this new shift.

The Pros: He gets a night shift raise, doesn’t have to work in the chaos of the daytime shift, and there are fewer workers on the night shift, so he has better relationships with those guys simply because there is a little bit more “human time” on the job. He really, really likes it. Plus, his bosses have asked him to be the lead man on the shift (which he is currently doing), but they have told him that if he will commit to this shift permanently, they will give him an even more significant raise for doing the lead man position. Also, this would mean that during the summer, we would be home during the day together, which would be a whole lotta fun!!

Then, there are The Cons: Justin and I don’t see each other from Sunday night until Saturday morning. I kiss him whenever I leave for work and he kisses me whenever he lies down for bed...and seeing as how the other one of us is asleep, the sleepee obviously doesn’t even kiss back. Uhg- That’s all the interaction we get. And, I HATE not being able to snuggle with my sweetie any during the week. (Though this lack of seeing each other has sparked Justin to write some incredibly sweet letters to me- which I haven’t really gotten on a regular basis since high school… so I suppose that could be a smidge bit of a Pro??)

It also significantly decreases the amount of Daddy/Perry time available. Perry does “sleep in” twice a week so he can hang out with Daddy a little longer, but then he has to go to his G&G’s so that Justin can have a little rest time before his shift that night. But basically, the biggest con is that I just HATE feeling like a single mother! It is so exhausting and I just MISS having a husband at home! We don’t get to have family kisses (this is the CUTEST and SWEETEST thing you have ever seen!), movie nights, snuggle time, cook dinner together, etc. etc. etc. It just plain ole’ stinks!

So, we are in the process of trying to decide if Justin is going to commit to doing the night shift and enjoy all the working perks (which, despite me missing him so, I really do want him to enjoy his work to the very best of his ability) and a pretty spiffy pay raise (that would help us TREMENDOUSLY with the adoption expenses) or, if he will take a pay cut and a not as great work environment to be home with me and P more. We have played around with the idea of him doing the night shift until Ruby comes home, and then switching back to days. Which, I think, might be the answer. That scenario would be a little bit of give and take on both ends, I suppose.

But, until then, we are making the very most out of our weekends and any days that I have off for holidays. And, in a very strange way, the extra effort it’s all taking makes me feel like I love him even more…

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Whatever you two decide, I'm sure God will bless you. Blessings!

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