Monday, November 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to Justin, too!

Wednesday was my birthday and today is Justin’s birthday. This post will probably be boring to most (especially since our new charger isn’t in yet and I still can’t post pics), but I just wanted to jot down a few this and that’s to help me remember how special these past several days were to us-despite the awful stomach virus. Wednesday started out just right. Justin had packed my lunch, made me breakfast, and written me the sweetest birthday letter. Then, he surprised me by taking off of work to be at home with me that evening! He was able to run some errands for us during the day and spend the night with me and Perry that evening. We made dinner together and built our first fire of the season, which Perry thought was the coolest thing ever. He was adorable bringing in his logs for the fire and stoking it with the poker.

Unfortunately, Wednesday night is when Perry’s virus hit. Justin was such a great Daddy and stayed up helping the entire night. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to help take care of our little bitty. Needless to say, I had to take off Thursday due to no sleep and to help take care of P. He did very well throughout the day and we enjoyed just hanging out together as a family again (since Justin was back to nights.) Then, it was time to go to Christmas Village. I was very thankful to go and get some fun Christmas shopping done, especially since I was about 99% sure the night before this wouldn’t have happened. I got Ruby a lavender blanket and a birdie painting for her room and Mr. P got a slingshot to help him throw acorns in the creek. Then, we enjoyed yummy Panera Bread for dinner. Can you believe it was my first time there? Definitely going back!!

Since I had originally planned for a sub for Friday (due to my fabulous Mommy winning tickets to Disney on Ice) and Perry seemed to be feeling fine, we headed to B’ham for the show, which we all really enjoyed. After the show, we came home, P played in the sandbox and I did a little monogramming. Then, things quickly went South for me. The dreaded virus hit and it was just as bad as I had witnessed it being with my Sweet P.  It was so bad, that I had to call Justin home from work to help take care of me and Perry. Justin was a total hero and came home immediately-even bringing me two Sprites to help out. I was still so sick the next morning, that Justin took Perry to Mom and Dad’s house to ride the tractor, golf cart, four wheeler, bicycle, mini-bike, and motorcycle- no kidding… they rode every single thing listed- and to chop fire wood and grill hotdogs by the bon-fire. Not too shabby of a day for J and P as their Mommy was trying to stay alive recuperating. Thankfully, by “Game of the Century” time, I felt a little better, so me and Hank came up to Mom and Dad’s to sit by the fire and watch the game with the fam. Although Alabama didn’t come out ahead, we still enjoyed watching the game. (We are “War Eagle” all the way, but as with any huge game like that, we’d like the win to stay in our state.)

Sunday held church, Sunday School, and my and Justin’s birthday party. Justin got gift cards galore for fishing and a Keurig thing for all his coffee, and I got the coolest vintage camera from G&G and a steam cleaner from M&D. I CAN’T WAIT to steam clean!! Eeeek! SO EXCITED!! After some family rest time- not nap time… Mr. P had other plans- we built another fire, ate some random food, watched our Sunday night programming: Once Upon a Time and our “Sinner Show” Desperate Housewives, and headed to bed. Then, that stupid virus struck again with little Perry. So, I snuggled him in his nursery rocker and slept in there with my little bitty till about midnight. Then, Justin had all the sheets washed, dried, and back on the bed for us to try to sleep in for the rest of the night- which thankfully, we did!

This morning, Justin woke up another year older! I was so happy to be the first one to wish my sweet husband a “Happy Birthday.” There are still times that I catch myself staring at him, wondering why in the world God chose me to have the privilege of marrying him. Things aren’t always perfect, but I wouldn’t be me without him. We truly are best friends, and I couldn’t do this thing called “life” without him. We make the best team, and I am so happy to be able to share my years with him! Since we have both been off of work a good bit, taking off really wasn’t an option today, but Justin did swing by and bring me lunch to work and me and P are going to eat Chinese with him for supper tonight on his dinner break. Also, we were really excited to find out that Justin’s company is sending him to some sort of class on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, so he will be home with us during the week too! We couldn’t be happier to have our Daddy home with us in the evenings! Happy Birthday Justin!! Me and P love you to the moon and back!!!

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