Saturday, December 31, 2011

{Fulfill} My Word for 2012

Last year, I saw that numerous bloggers had a word for the upcoming year.  I loved the idea and actually frequently thought this year what my word would be for next year.  Well, next year is only a few hours away, so I thought I would tell a little bit about the word I have chosen.  I have given a lot of thought and prayer over my word and how it would hopefully guide my life in 2012, so call it crazy or not, but I'm taking it pretty seriously.

Drum roll please.....


Websters dictionary defines this word as so:

fullfill (verb) [foo'l-fil] - to carry out or bring to realization.

I truly pride myself in having many great ideas, exciting ambitions and dreams, having a heart for the less fortunate, and wanting to learn more about my Lord and Savior.

The problem... about 75% of the time, all those great thoughts, ideas, and ambitions tend to remain just great thoughts, ideas, and ambitions.  This year, I plan to fullfill many of these exciting dreams!

I want to list several of these goals for 2012 to hopefully gain more accountability.  Some of these same goals you might recognize from 2011.  Don't judge- I didn't have a word last year! ;)

Goals to fulfill:

1. Read through the Bible in one year.  (I fell short of this goal last year only reading about 25% or so, but this year, I have a better plan that I'm really excited about!!)

2.  Be healthier.  This encompasses a lot in my head.  I want my children to have a healthy diet and disposition and the best way to provide that is to be a healthy example.  I'd like to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies, less fried, less fat, and more organic foods into our daily diets.  I also want to be more active and choose activities for our family that promote movement and fitness.

3. Purge!  Uhg- Justin and I have SO MUCH STUFF.  I credit a lot of that to bringing tons of teen junk into this house from when we got married.  All those stupid flower-dy picture frames from high school have got. to. go.  Why in the world did I deem them so sentimental?  With Justin going on dayshift Tuesday (!!!!!!) I will have him home in the afternoons to help with this task.  We are going room to room boxing up yard sale stuff (date to be set for Spring) and putting things in trash bags.  Either it finds an appropriate home, or it's going in one of these two categories.

4. Go back to school.  I really want to do this one this year.  Hopefully this summer I'll start.  I love my job, but ultimately one day, I want to work for an adoption agency.  I'd really like to get my Masters in social work in order to hopefully make more of a difference in orphan's lives.

5. Write a cookbook.  I love food (see resolution #2).  I also LOVE photography.  And I happen to LOVE reading cookbooks.  Justin was incredibly sweet and gifted me with a guide to food photography this Christmas, and I absolutely can't wait to learn some new skills and put them to good use.  This is something I've wanted to do for a few years and finally shared it with my family at the beginning of December.  I haven't decided if I want to try to get it published locally or maybe just compile them as blog posts under a tab.  We shall see.

6.  Learn more about photography.  I feel like this one will probably be the easiest resolution for me to fulfill.  I absolutely LOVE photography!!  I think it is so amazing to be able to capture a snippet in time.  It's incredibly the memories on little click an savor!

On a photography note- this is my very last day of the 365 challenge.  I am both a little sad and a little elated.  I have to say, I have LOVED everyday of it!! (I only missed a handful of days.)  I am compiling my 365 and hope to be sharing it soon.  I also ordered a Becky Higgins Life Book last year that I have been recording and journaling my 365 in.  I can't wait to finish it- and have it delivered!

7.  Our agency has told us that by May we should have a referral for Miss Ruby-Grace, and honestly, I am beside myself so excited!!!  With that being said, I have also had my heart ripped out of my chest and stomped on to smithereens by Kay Bratt (thank you Mom for my surprise Kindle Fire this Christmas and to Lisa and Shay for sharing Kay's books with your Facebook friends, and thank you most of all to Kay for journaling such an amazing and heart-wrenching journey!!!)  Her account of her time in China has made it so real to me that even after we bring our beautiful daughter home, there will still be MILLIONS of children who do not have, and never will have, forever families.  Justin and I want to make a difference in those children's lives in some way or another.  It is a small jesture, but we have decided to start that difference by sponsoring a child in hopes of giving him/her a little more hope.  I also encourage you to read Kay's books and to pray for those precious children that are still waiting.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

4 kind thoughts:

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Oh Brooke~ such a GREAT post and LOVE your 2012 word. Fulfill... fulfill your dream to hold your precious baby in your arms... fulfill your heart with more love than you ever thought possible, fulfill God's great blessings already planned for you, fulfill all your throw yourself into in His will... I am so excited to be on this journey with you!!! Blessings and love sweet friend!!! XOXO

Sennie said...

Great word. I have been trying to find a word, but haven't yet. You have a great blog! I will follow along your adoption journey.

Larri said...

Fabulous word, Brooke! I love your goals too. I've been reading through your blog and I'd love to donate something stitchy to your Ruby's auction. Will you email me please to discuss details? Happy Tuesday! ☺

Matthew Stephens said...

Now that is a great way to start off the new year, Brooke!

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