Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Perryisms {WILW}

I absolutely love all the little “Perryisms Mr. P gives us to laugh about each day.

The other day, Perry was extremely tired and whiny. As he was crying about nothing, my Dad says, “I know a little boy who is tired and crabby.” And Perry yells, “Yeah! ME!”

Another day after an infamous overly exerted night, my dad says to P, “Hey little buddy. Did you go home and sleep good last night?” And P responds, “Yeah, I hap to go to sweep and get some west because I was willy cwabby!”

I was trying one of Ruby’s hairbows on Perry just to get a feel for it when Justin says, “Perry! Boys don’t wear hairbows.” P, “Yes! Day sure do!”

Loving on Perry talking to him about not being a little baby anymore, I said, “Perry, you are growing so so fast little love. Why do you have to keep growing so big?” P, “So I can pway footbaw!”

When Perry sees the stars in the sky, “MOMMY!!! God put out wots of ‘tars for me tonight!! And dat bwight one is my ‘pecial ‘tar! Dat wittle one’s for you Mommy.” Last night he really warmed my heart (and finally let me know that my Sunday School lessons ARE actually being heard and retained) when he said, “Where is God? At work?” Me, “Yes baby- God is at work in the sky in Heaven. He has lots to do to take care of us. Did you know God loves you?” P, “Uh-huh! And God made me! And God made you! And God made Daddy, and Dapper (Jasper), and Otey (Otis), and my dog (Hank) and the ‘tars and the twees, and da maiwbox, and da gwass, and this went on for quite some time…till he just about ran out of things he could see!)

Perry calls all his other dogs by their name, except Hank, who he lovingly refers to as, “My dog.” “Can you hand me my dog? Can I feed my dog? Can I pet my dog? I’m chasing my dog . I’m pulling my dog’s tail!” …. Poor dog.

When I went to wake up Perry this morning, I said, “Hey Baby… Hey sweet Perry… Hey Perry… Are you ready to wake up and go to Grandmommy and Grandaddy’s house?” P, “No tank you. I’ll dust tay wite hiwah and sweep all day.”

We went through the Jack’s drive-through for dinner last week. I gave Perry his drink, but then said, “Oops- you’re gonna have to wait to drink it when we get home. They forgot to give us a straw.” P replies “Uhck! What were they THINKING?!”

Once we topped the mountain this morning (where either the sun’s blarring in our eyes and P screams “BWITE!!!” and then covers his eyes, or he declares. “It not bwite. It cwoudy today.”), the sun was shining, but it was super foggy, so you could actually look directly into the sun and just see its outline. It was very beautiful. Perry was so confused, however, saying, “Hey!! Why da moon out hewah wif da sun?!!”

Hey Baby! Mommy loves you to the moon and back! “Uhck! (He does this exasperated smirk all the time now- it’s hilarious!) I not a baby. I’m a boy!” I have SUCH a habit of calling him “Baby.” No matter what the context, he ALWAYS catches it and corrects me now. SO sad.

When we made our fire over Thanksgiving break, one of the logs rolled back off the fire. P exclaimed, “Hey! Dat log backin’ up! Beep, Beep, Beep!”

After I had been blowing raspberries on Perry’s tummy, he grabbed my shirt and pulled it up and said, “I gonna bwo on your big fat belly!” Lovely son… I’ll soon have to start teaching you how to properly charm the ladies.

Driving really slow, Perry kept saying, “Huwy up Mommy!!” I said, “I can’t baby, that car’s driving too slow.” P’s solution, “BUMP DAT CAR MOMMY!!!”

Perry crawled into the front seat of my car and refused to get in his carseat. “I gonna dwive today… see?” I said, “You aren’t big enough yet Baby.” Perry crawls into the floor board and puts his hand on the pedal. “Yes I am big enough. I can weech da pedals. See?” Not exactly sure how he’s planning on steering this bad boy. Lucky for all you other drivers, Mommy won this battle.

Anything that Perry answers “yes” to, comes out Sweedish, “Yah!” He NEVER says “yes.”

Whenever our sweet social worker, Kelly, came for her first visit, Perry was not nearly as good as he normally is! I can’t tell you how frustrating it was! So, the night after Kelly’s second home visit, at my Mom and Dad's house, Mom asked Perry, "Did you have fun with Mrs. Kelly yesterday?" He said, "Uh hu! I sowed (showed) her my gwill (grill)!" Then mom said, "So were you a good boy this time?" And Perry said, "No! I gwal (growl) at her and cared (scared) her! GRRRR!!!" Oh that boy!! But, it did make me laugh! ... at least he tells the truth, right?

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E & N (Wonder Women in Training) said...

Thanks for your comment, Brooke! Merry Christmas to you, too!

Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

Your little boy sounds likes a trip! Thank you for stopping by, Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

Morgan said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I am so excited to start following your journey. Little boys are the greatest, and can't wait to learn all about your sweet Ruby!

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