Friday, December 2, 2011

Working 9-5

A few weeks back, I posted a rather rambling post about Justin's work situation.  You can read about it HERE.

We have been talking and praying, talking and praying, talking and praying....

But, still haven't come to a definite decision- which we have to by January 1.  Which is fastly approaching.

However, Justin just texted me telling me his boss has asked him to consider being the lead man (a bit of a raise- not as much as being lead man on nights, but still definitely good!) ON DAYSHIFT!! Which would make me the happiest girl in all of Alabama  America THE WORLD!  Justin has told him that he would give it his best shot, though he's a little nervous about the position. 

According to Justin, it requires a lot more knowledge of machinery and customer interaction and giving quotes and estimates and ordering parts, and saving world hunger... ok so you get the picture.  Justin says being LM on dayshift is A LOT more responsibility than on nights, and since he's fairly new at doing the type of mechanic work he's doing right now, he's a ltitle nervous to "lead" people who have been there a lot longer than him.  Me- I'd be like "Woo-Hoo!! I'm a leader! I get to help people! I get to make sure everyone's working efficiently!  Isn't it fun to be team captain?  What kind of uniforms are we going to wear?  Everyone bringing a yummy dish Friday for fellowship?"  That's so the first grade teacher in me.  We work together.  It's great if its great and if it's not great than surely it will be greater tomorrow.  My perfectionist husband, on the other hand, is a bit more "I have to do it right and not be a bossy know-it-all while doing so."  Isn't it neat God paired us together for life?  Black and white.  Yin and Yang.  Careful and Carefree.  You get the picture.  I digress....

But, that would be the BIGGEST blessing to our family right now!!  A little more money to go toward adoption expenses and whole lotta Daddy around at night!  Please join me in praying that this might be God's will for us at this time.  Justin should find out/will have to decide for sure if that will definitely be his position right before shift change on Jan 1.  I'm looking forward to updating everyone on our decision!

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Kayce said...

You will most definitely be in my prayers!! What a great opportunity!!

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