Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Seollal! {The Year of the Dragon}

Today is the celebration of the Lunar New Year for South Korea (and most all surronding Asian countries).  You may be more familiar with the term Chinese New Year, however, South Koreans call it Seollal.  On Seollal, Koreans typically dress in beautiful traditional hanbocks.  They prepare a very elaborate meal that consists of tteokguk (rice cake soup) and galbijjim (braised short ribs), japchae (glass noodles with sautéed vegetables), pancakes, hangwa (traditional sweets and cookies), and a dozen other side dishes made with various kinds of vegetables, meat and fish.

Seollal is a very family friendly holiday and the roadways are normally very busy with everyone traveling back home to visit friends and relatives.  Children typically honor their elders and ancestors by giving them a sebae bow (a very deep bow) and offering wonderfully prepared dishes of food.  In return, the elders bless the children by offering them words of wisdom and money for the new year.  (I’m sure Seollal will quickly become one of Perry and Ruby’s favorite holidays!) 

The holiday continues as families gather together to play all sorts of traditional board and other fun games that consist of yutnori, a board game that involves throwing four wooden sticks, and go-stop, a card game that uses hwatu (flower cards) to score as many points as possible in order to win. Such traditional games as jegichagi (hacky-sack), neoltwiggi (see-saw), tuho (arrow toss), and yeonnaligi (kite flying) are also widely played at public and recreational parks. Finally, families wind down by going to a theater or watching Seollal Specials on television.

We are hoping and praying that the Year of the Dragon brings us our little Korean beauty.  Until then, we are wishing Ruby Grace the Happiest Seollal (as this is most likely her first) and doing a little celebrating of our own.  Although our meal isn't quite as elaborate as a traditional Korean Seollal meal, I still had a wonderful time whipping us up some beef and broccoli, crisping up some delicious spring rolls, and snacking on some delicious oranges- also a tradition for Koreans on Seollal.  Then, we winded down our evening with P playing with Hank and J and I watching a special on TV-The Bachelor... Nothing too fancy, but we are having so much fun already, embracing and learning all about Miss Ruby’s Korean culture!

{thankful for}

8. the call to adopt from South Korea
9. a traditional wok and Korean Cookbook
10. scrumptious spring rolls!

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