Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last Day of Christmas Vacay

Today was a very bittersweet day for me.  I was SO excited because this was the first non-holiday of the new year, meaning that Korea has finally reset its EP's (emmigration permits... no clue why they spell it with an 'e'...drives me nuts)!!  This is huge because they only allow so many children to be adopted each year, basically because they are trying to phase out international adoptions.  This means that new referrals should start coming through more frequently.  We are still not certain if we will make the cutoff with our referral to bring Miss Ruby home by the end of this year, but we are very hopeful all the same.

It was also very sad for me as it is no secret that I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom with my sweet P.  I know I probably sound like a Hallmark card, but being around P all the time would NEVER get old.  I have ALWAYS wanted to be a Mommy and now that I am one, it is a BILLION times better than I could have imagined- and I imagined it to be fantastic!

P and I had a Mommy/Perry day, running a few errands and getting P's haircut.  (I have no pictures b/c he was SO squirmy that Miss Emily actually even nicked herself with the scissors.  :/  I can't blame P-man though- his little hair whispies were EVERYWHERE causing him to choke and gag and itch like crazy!  I think next time we might need to try to wet his hair before cutting.)  We also had lunch at Arby's which I always like, sharing the fries of course to contribute to my healthier eating...

After errands, I needed to do some monogramming to help out with a baby shower my Aunt Becky is hosting for her sister-in-law and my friend, Molly.  I whipped up this adorable little towel to go in Becky's bathroom.  I love that when Becky throws a party, she incorporates the theme throughout her entire house.  (Sorry the photo is a little blurry- it was a 2 second Iphone capture.)  I also cannot wait to show you all photos of the hospital door decor.  It is hands down the cutest stinkin' thing I have ever seen.  Mom and Becky made it, while I of course dictated where polka dots should go and added a little mongrammed touch.  I just want to wait to photograph it over the gift table at the shower this weekend.  

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Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Thinking of you as you start back to school and wait for precious Ruby. Are you adopting from Korea? I guess I assumed you were going to China. Hoping for a referral for you! Blessings and love!

3 Peanuts said...

So cute. I will say some prayers that your adoption happens this year:)

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