Thursday, January 26, 2012

Life is But a Dream

Yesterday evening, there were only a few dishes left in the sink after dinner, so I decided to zap them clean before heading upstairs to get P to sleep. Justin and I were in the kitchen talking about our lethargic computer (yep- the Mac might as well be dead. It has an appointment with the doctor today at 4:30. I know this is petty, but I’d appreciate some well wishes on its health. I DESPERATELY want to get back to my mentoring lessons!) and P and Hank were in the living room playing with J’s IPad.

So, five minutes after the dishes were done, I went to get P, only to find him and H like this:

Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? It’s all the crazier because, it is no secret, this child NEVER sleeps! We carefully picked him up, placed him in his big boy bed, and kissed his cheek. We turned the fan up a smidge and didn’t pull covers up around him because we didn’t dare change him out of his play clothes!

Unfortunately though, this is just about where the smiles stop. P has been having night terrors (he’s had them before) more often lately. But, last night was an absolute episode that had Justin and I both scared and clueless. We absolutely could NOT wake P up as he cried and flailed about. It scared us so much that we called Mom at the hospital to see if she had any suggestions. Thankfully, about that time, Perry opened his eyes, saw me, then immediately collapsed back in my arms asleep.

Ya’ll, night terrors are SO weird and scary! This morning, P and I had this conversation with him to see if he truly had no clue what had happened last night:

M- Good morning Baby Love! Did you have a good night’s sleep?
P- Yes
M- Did you cry or did you sleep good?
P- I sweep good.
M- Did you have good dreams or bad dreams?
P- I have good dweems.
M- What did you dream about?
P- I dweem of twactors.

If anyone has any suggestions on night terrors and does and don’ts, Justin and I are both ALL ears!!

{thankful for}

13. a husband who stands beside me during scary times
14. a patient mentor

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for the love of a house said...

omgosh... that photo of Perry is soooo sweet. I am so sorry about the night-terrors though, is there anything on-line that help answer questions? Sorry also about the computer- I so feel that pain as my hard drive is going out and I'm supposed to send it off to Dell, but I know they are going to wipe out all 18,000 (!) photos (which) I have backed up, but I just don't want the hassle of having to set up a new computer again... ughhhh. So, I've just stolen Dan's until I can send it off to get fixed!
It is so sweet that P. loves tractors so much. Glad you found a basket!!

Sennie said...

One of my sons used to get them often when he was younger. He didn't remember them either, and when I once imitated what it was like (stupid stupid me), he really freaked out.
I don't remember if anything even really helped or made them worse, but it was just a phase. Scary though. I tell you, we prayed a lot those nights! I hope they go away soon!
Oh, and the same son now walks in his sleep - not sure if those two things are connected..

Rebekah said...

Love the picture! It is precious! The same thing happened to our son this week, which is crazy because he NEVER sleeps anywhere except his bed or his car seat. I was taking a shower and had left him in front of the TV to watch Mickey Mouse. I came out to check on him, as he usually wanders into the bathroom, and he was sound asleep on the chair. Poor guy was just tuckered out!
So sorry about the night terrors. I hope they go away soon.

Larri said...

That snapshot is adorable! Sorry to hear about the night terrors. My sister had them. She would wake the entire house. It's very frightening to watch, and unnerving that the person having them doesn't remember them at all. The doctors said it was just a phase, and she'd eventually outgrow them. I don't remember how long (months or years) they lasted. I do remember, though, that if my Mom left a Bible open in my sister's room, that she did not have the terrors. Couldn't hurt to try. ☺ (((HUGS))) and restful sleep for y'all tonight.

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