Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Story {Sunday Snapshot}

"it's impossible" said pride
"it's risky" said experience
"it's pointless" said reason
"give it a try" whispered the heart

Our very first assignment over at Beyond Layers is to write Our Story.  Warning, this is probably going to be lengthy, but I want to capture all that is racing through my head so that when I look back on it in a year, I can evaluate my growth as a photographer and a person.

My story began as a young child.  I think I've always been some sort of an artist- if that's the right kind of word?.  One who valued being unique and one-of-a-kind.  In Kindergarten, I sat by a boy (who shall remain nameless) who copied everything I did!  Especially coloring sheets.  And. it. drove. me. nuts!!!  I remember coming home, day after day, complaining to my Mom that J. did EVERYTHING exactly like me.  "He just wants his work to be pretty like yours," she'd say.  That did nothing for me.  The day my teacher swapped around our seats was one of the best days of my life.

I've always had a passion for photography, in particular.  It is pretty much in my blood.  Though not professionals in the photography world, my Mom and Grandmommy had the art of family photography down to a pat.  They both spent hours upon hours each week photographing our lives, developing film, and organizing photos and negatives into hundreds of albums.  You could literally stack all the photos they took and flip them quickly and watch our family grow up before your eyes.  The memories they captured are priceless and have always intrigued me.

Growing up, I wanted to be just like Mom and Grandmommy.  I asked for cameras numerous Christmases in a row and loved composing shots and capturing memories.  My field days at school were always so much fun for me because it was a prime opportunity to click away and capture amazing memories!  (With great natural light, nonetheless- though I cared nothing about lighting at that time in my photog career.)  

As I got older, I was gifted with fancier and fancier cameras.  When Perry was born, Justin got me a top of the line point and shoot camera.  And though the thought of such a precious gift meant the world to me and I loved my new camera, I still wasn't getting the shots I longed for.  Wanting to capture every precious moment of his existence, I began delving in research to try to figure out what the problem was.  The answer?  A lack of a DSLR.  I had no clue what that meant, but I was dying to find out!  After a few months of price comparing, we took my camera and two new lenses home, and I got busy learning. 

 (Perry's very first digital camera, given to him by his Grammie & Grampie- Christmas 2011.)

I have taken a few photography classes since 2009 and have LOVED every single one of them.  When it comes to photography, it's literally like I can't quench a thirst.  I long to know more, and I rejoice at every tiny photoshop accomplishment.  I have BIG plans with photography.  I want to document our daily life, create beautiful and unique photos, grow in my art, own a small business, and give back to the adoption world.  I have no idea where all God plans to take me in my photography life, but I can guarantee this- it's going to be an amazing journey!

{thankful for}
5. a happy story
6. teaching Perry about things I am passionate about

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Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

You are on the brink of many great things my friend!! Keep up the great work!!!

Love your little man with the camera:)

Happy Sunday~



Jennifer said...

It's awesome that you're taking classes! You'll be so happy that you did! :) Someday I'd love to take some too! :)

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