Monday, January 16, 2012

Perry's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Poor Perry's day went like this:

He woke up with a mystery scratch down the side of his face and an eye that was swollen nearly shut for no reason.

Then, he ran into the stairway banister and bruised his lip and cut the inside of his jaw pretty badly.  There was so much blood that, at first, I thought he might have knocked out a tooth.

Thank goodness we had some ice-cream to keep the swelling down as much as we could.

Then, little one ran smack into the car door as we were loading up to go to Grammies.  Insert another little battle wound on the temple of his face.

But wait, there's more...

On the way home from Grammies tonight, Perry's tummy decided to get sick in Daddy's truck.  Twice.

Needless to say, he's finally sound asleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed tonight.  (For the first time this year!  GASP!!  I was SO afraid to post that he's been sleeping in his 'big boy bed,' as I thought I might jinx us.  Hoping this doesn't throw a kink in his routine.)

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The Hewett's said...

So sorry Mr. P had such a rough day! :(. I hope tomorrow is MUCH better for him. SO. Can you give any tips on how to get a 7 month, wait, an extremely attached, touchy, feely, 7 month old to sleep in his crib or is there really NO hope until we can actually "bribe" him into it?! :). ANY help/suggestions is greatly appreciated!!

Brooke said...

Ummmm- my honest suggestion is just to deal with him in your bed until you absolutely can't take it a night more and you can handle a RIDICULOUS amount of pitiful tears on his part, and guilt, regret, sadness, and tears on your's and Daniel's part as well. Please don't think P sleeping in his bed for the past two weeks has been a walk in the park either. EVERY night he says, "I wanna sweep in Mommy and Daddy's bed wif YOU! It more nuggly den mine." Breaks. my. heart. Then, I proceed to lie down IN his toddler bed WITH him for about an hour and a half while he wiggles and squirms and pouts his way to sleep. We didn't really bribe him into it. It was just with the New Year and us sleeping SO horribly because he's getting so big and refuses to sleep anyway execpt diagonally across the top of our pillows, that we desperately needed to make a change. I also knew it would take him SEVERAL months to really get the hang of this new sleeping arrangement, and I didn't want him JUST trained whenever we bring home Ruby-Grace, since she will most likely need to co-sleep for a while due to bonding and comfort. I was afraid if it was new to P, he'd immediately be upset that she was sleeping with us and not him and want to come right back. :/ It's not easy, but we're hoping that he'll eventually be okay with it and that everyone will sleep more soundly. Best of luck Anna!! Let me know what you decide to try!! xoxo!!

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

POOR baby!!! I sure hope he had a better day today!!1 blessings and love!

3 Peanuts said...

Poor little guy:( Hope he is feeling better.

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