Friday, February 10, 2012

My Life in Bullets

Anyone else feel like they can’t keep up with their own life? That is SO me right now. I hope to catch up on some blogging next week. My evenings are slightly less chaotic next week…
• I am teaching baton lessons again! SO fun!! I had my first lesson with my new little one last night. She’s adorable and has BIG things ahead of her!!

• I am chaperoning a Valentine’s Dance this afternoon. Does anyone know how adorable first graders look all dressed up in HIGH heels? Too cute!! Some of them even have dates!

• P has a photo shoot with Birmingham Kids Magazine tomorrow. It’s a voting thing. If he wins, he will get to be on the cover and win a TON of uber cool prizes. I will most likely be asking for your vote (please oh please) in the next week or so.

• I GOT TO PHOTOGRAPH A BIRTH THIS WEEK!!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how AMAZING it was!! I even ended up helping the Mommy push… for almost 2 ½ hours! (Ya’ll- My arms and back are STILL sore! I have no idea how my Mom is a Labor/Delivery nurse! Makes me double triple octoquafriple thankful for my unrealistic birthing experience of 6 minutes and 2 pushes…

• I am doing a maternity shoot Saturday and a newborn shoot next week. LOVE photography and building my portfolio! Can’t wait to share from all these sessions. Just gotta get some editing done. You know, in all my free time.

• I am judging a pageant this Sunday! I will not say when or where as to not give away anything but I’m SO excited. I’ve always been a big pageant girl so I’m expecting it to be so much fun being on the other side of the stage.

• Justin and I are having date night to watch The Vow this Saturday evening. (Totally his choice of movie. I LOVE that he LOVES hopeless romantic films!!)

• I ordered a basket several weeks ago to do a photo shoot with. I’m SOOOO excited that it will finally ship out next Monday. Then, I just gotta wait for some pretty weather to do what I have in mind. Again- I feel like a four year old waiting for her birthday party. It’s going to be SO cute- I hope.

• Valentine’s Day! Party at school. P is going to come join in on the fun!

• Taxes! We have an appointment this Wednesday. Justin and I always love tax season b/c we typically get to put some money into savings! Woo Hoo!!

• I am going to Royal Family Kids Camp this summer. (It is a camp for children in the foster system who have been abused or neglected.) I am also on the RFKC fundraising committee. (I feel like a fundraising queen! I fundraise in my school life, church life, and home life!) We have an auction at church Saturday night to help raise money and it sounds like it is going to be SO fun!!!

• We also have a very special birthday party to go to Saturday afternoon. I of course cannot wait to take some special photos.

Whew! I’m hoping to be back this evening with my Favorite Photo Friday pic!

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Cat said...

That's how I feel all the time. ;) Didn't know you were a photographer. Me too! Did you know that?! How did I miss that. i love, love, LOVE shooting newborns. My fave! Have a blessed sunday! xo, cat (

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