Wednesday, March 14, 2012

But Wait, There's More!

As if things couldn’t get any more exciting last week-they did! Our good friends, Michael and Amanda, are also in the process of bringing their sweet Taylor home from Korea! We met them in Birmingham last year and immediately became great friends. Then, at the first of the year, they moved back to their hometown in Louisiana to be closer to friends and family. Needless-to-say, I was very bummed, though we definitely plan to keep in touch and visit LA after Tay is nice and settled in.

Well, during an adoption process, it is a PAIN to do anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes, I’m even scared to breathe without our agencies permission, let alone move states. But, Michael and Amanda took on the challenge completing updated paperwork, fingerprinting, fees, and other randoms. Among everything new also meant finding jobs in their new town. Amanda hopped on at a new company pretty quickly, however it took Michael a little longer to find the perfect new fit for him. And although starting a new awesome job last Monday was a HUGE answer to their prayers, it also threw in a bit of a kink in their plans.

You see, little Tay was lucky enough to score one of the very first coveted EP’s, which means as soon as Korea starts letting parents travel to go get their babies, Tay is one of the first ones that gets to come home! The downside, Michael really isn’t in a position to leave his brand new job and cross the world for a week, to immediately be thrown back into a very demanding job the day after returning from a 14 hour difference time zone!


Amanda called me two Thursdays ago and asked if I would consider going with her. To be in my daughter’s birth country for a week. And soak up the Korean culture. And breathe in the same air that my littlest baby breathes in. And take LOTS of pictures of Amanda and her new baby boy during their first seconds and days together. To be a friend to lean on when the journey gets a little bumpy. To see her become a Mommy for the first time!! Ummmmmm… let me think for a second… YES!

Then, as always, logistics came into reality and I had to immediately (like as soon as I hung up the phone-which explains why my new PP photo looks like a grotesque mug shot, and I’m 99% sure we are going to get stopped at every security station as it CLEARLY makes me look like a terrorist. I would post a photo but seriously, it’s THAT bad and I just refuse to succumb myself to such embarrassment.) go apply for a new passport (old one has my maiden name on it.) We also had to have me approved by our adoption agency and the Korean government since I am actually in the adoption process right now. SO many legalities to it all.

At first, we were thinking that there would be a chance that I would actually get to meet Ruby-Grace and her foster family, but since some family in the past two weeks breached their adoption agreement of contacting the Korean ministry directly versus going through their agency (what were they thinking?!), there is now a 99% chance I will not. Which, I’m honestly completely ok with. I was already having a hard time accepting loving on and holding my baby and then having to give her back to her foster mother and leave her country when it could very well be a full year before seeing her again. I’m pretty sure I would be a mental disaster.

We are expecting a travel call literally any day now. I already have everything approved by my principal, emergency lesson plans ready to go, and have started packing my first care package (that I get to HAND deliver to the agency in Korea!!) and of course my own luggage. I am so sad already at the thought of saying goodbye to my sweet P for a week, but I know that he will have SO much fun with Justin while I’m gone. I just could not say ‘no’ to what I see as an opportunity of a life-time!

So thank you Michael and Amanda from the very depths of my heart for your extreme generosity and for, of all people, thinking of and asking me to be that privileged person to go to Seoul. I know that I could never replace Michael being there, but I am going to do everything I can to help Amanda during such an incredible time in her life, and believe me, I’m going to take TONS of photos so that EVERYONE will feel like they have just visited Seoul! Seriously lots ya’ll… think motion picture flip book! ;)

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

Oh my goodness, B, that is SO SO exciting!! What an honor! And just think, you will practically be a pro when it is your turn to go get Ruby Grace! :) I am so excited for you!

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

What a precious thing for you to do!!! can't wait to hear all about it! Blessings and love!!! XO

Christy said...

So exciting!!! So since Amanda will be a wreck (in a very good way) I am holding you responsible for keeping us updated and allowing us to all live vicariously through this trip! Wow! So soon too!!! :)

Leisha said...

Ahh I just got chills reading this. So excited that you have this opportunity! :)

Lee and Sarah VanGrunsven said...

Oh my goodness Brooke!! SO AMAZING:-)!!!
I got goosebumps just reading this:)!!

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