Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ground Hog Day

(I titled this post just so, as this day feels like it has lasted 789,064,378 hours.  We flew, constantly chasing the sun, so I honestly cannot wait until night fall tonight.)

…I am writing this post from 34,000 feet in the sky, somewhere over Japan!!!!

I can’t believe I am even writing a “travel post.”  In a lot of ways, this trip is SO surreal to me.  I cannot thank Michael and Amanda enough for allowing me the honor of going on such an exciting, fun, and life-changing trip!!

Travel started early Thursday morning (SO hard to say goodbye to all my family) as I flew from Birmingham to New Orleans to meet up with Amanda.  Amanda treated me to a few travel sites, as it’s been about ten years since I last visited NOLA.  Among those were Jackson Square, Café Dumonde, some crappy service at a restaurant where we wished we were French ;), and the Lafayette Cemetery that was featured on the movie Double Jepardy-GREAT movie btw… just got done watching it on the plane.

We then headed back to Michael and Amanda’s house for some pineapple and ham pizza and some Harry Potter, all piled up on the air mattress.  It was really great fun!

Then, 1:50am came.  GAG.  Have I ever mentioned that I am NOT a morning person?!  (If Justin is reading this, he is probably rolling his eyes and mumbling to himself, “Well, that is THE understatement of the century!!” ) But, Amanda only had to tell me to get myself up once.

By 2:50, we were headed back to the airport, where we flew NOLA to San Francisco, CA (5hours) and then hopped on another plane (currently sitting in my oh-so-comfy airplane seat with THREE extra inches- thank you JESUS! {and Amanda} typing out a blog post, while simultaneously wishing these three more hours would FLY by, literally-which is a doozie of 12 hours total.)  All in all, by the time we land at 1:00am, travel time will be a whopping 23 hours, 10 minutes, NOT including how long it takes us to travel from the airport in Korea to Seoul. 

And for all my family reading this, I’m dubbing myself a ROCK STAR world traveler!!! :D 

I’m looking forward to SEOUL, KOREA!!!!

PS- Just for my Mommy records…when I spoke to P while on a layover in San Fran, P kept saying he saw my airplane in the sky and waved to me.  I told him that every time he saw my plane flying high in the sky to wave REALLY big and I would wave back to him and blow him TONS of kisses.  I can’t even put into words how much I already miss P and Justin.

Update:  We just got settled into our room.  It is about 4:30 Alabama/Louisianna time.  Drive from airport was about an hour and fifteen minutes.  SO excited about a COLD shower.  Everything is SO hot here!!

2 kind thoughts:

Meals by Misty said...

I'm thinking about you friend! Good luck over there :) Much Love!!

T said...

Yay! You all made it safe & sound. I'm sure you've already scoped out a coffee shop that opens early. It will be a life saver when you are adjusting to the time change! Have a terrific trip in Seoul.

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