Monday, April 2, 2012

A Quick Update

A Quick Update

This past week was my Spring Break and I quite enjoyed my 7 days as a stay-at-home-mom. Time with Perry NEVER gets old!

I took a mini-blogcation for a few days, mainly because our internet modem went bad and I had to order a new one, I have filled up all the space on my Mac again due to do many RAW photos (I am SO bad about organizing and getting photos off my computer….mainly because I don’t understand my external hard drive and it makes me a nervous wreck to put stuff on it and then delete it from my computer.), and the fact that I was just really enjoying my time with Perry and Justin.

I hope to fix the photo issue this week so that I can download the photos I took this past week and actually get some of “Perry” back on the blog. I know it has really focused a ton on Miss Ruby (which I LOVE), but I also thoroughly enjoying posting about all things P as well, since he is obviously the child I have at home right now and can photograph like crazy. I think it will be much easier to balance the journaling/photo aspect of this blog between both my children once little miss comes home.

Speaking of little miss….

I have SUCH exciting news. Our agency told me I couldn’t spill the beans until it was all official, but after a “Maybe” and then a very discouraging and firm “NO,” they have cleared it for me to get to meet Miss Ruby when I travel to Korea!!!! TWICE!!! But only for one hour each visit. (They don’t want her attaching/bonding and then me having to leave her.) Ahhhh!!!! I’m SO excited!!!! This adoption journey really is up, down, front, back, left right, loop, curve, repeat.

Honestly, when the agency told me that I wouldn’t get to meet her, it didn’t discourage me because I knew that God had a plan, whether I got to meet her or not. Imagine my surprise and excitement when just days after “No way, Jose!” did they call and tell me otherwise. Seriously, how cool is that?! SO thankful to be working with such a great agency that advocates daily for these precious children and their parents!

In the way of news, we also got a medical report on our little one about a week and a half ago. I haven’t been able to talk to a med professional yet, but in a nut shell, her latest MRI showed some incredibly concerning things. I haven’t quite decided yet if/when I will share of all Ruby’s special needs, but I’m really leaning on the “sharing” side. I realize that it is “her” story, but I also want to educate people as much as possible on adoption and be an open book about our story. Not to mention that no matter what, I believe that Ruby is “fearfully and wonderfully made!” I also know how much other blogs dealing with different special needs have helped me. They helped Justin and I when we did our initial special needs evaluation for our agency on the needs we thought we could/could not handle and now, they are helping us understand a little better the needs Ruby Grace has been diagnosed with.

Random-If anyone knows how to do blog settings to where I can reply straight back to a comment, please let me know. I read every single comment and try to respond to as many of them as I can, but for some reason, a lot of the time the hyperlink will not take me back to the other blog. Then I get flustered and just say a mental thank-you to your comment. :D Happy Monday!!

8 kind thoughts:

Leisha said...

So exciting that you get to meet her!

Do you get the comments in your email?

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

SO happy to hear you will meet your precious baby! That is great!!! I just did the reply to comments thing on my blog but can't remember the process. I found the directions!!!
Blessings and love!

Christy said...

I wondered about that once I saw Holt was allowing visitation!!! Praise God!!! What an awesome blessing! :) Time to go! :)

Leisha said...

You got it working! Now my question is..does it email the person you are replying to?

T said...

Sooo happy that you will meet her while you're there!!!
Praying for Ruby's health and for your family. God does great things!

Mary Louis Quinn said...

SO exciting that you get to see Ruby Grace!!!

Diane said...

Great news on your "visit" with Ruby:) God is soooo GOOD!!! How exciting! Sending little Ruby lot's of prayers!
Thanks for asking the question on how to "reply to comments", I had been trying to figure that out as well. And a special "thank you" to Sharon for providing the instructions! I made the changes and it worked!!!! YEA!!!!
God Bless,

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

Just saw your note on the reply to comments. Are you talking about through email? or reply here on the blog? I have my comments forwarded to my email, so I can reply that way to each individual. Let me know if you need help~


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