Saturday, May 5, 2012

Guess Who's in America?!


... and those two barely-hanging-in-there women who are traveling with him!! :D

Honestly though, our flight was really as good as you could have asked for.  I mean, yes, there was insane turbulence 75% of the flight and, yes, Amanda did get fussed out by the flight attendants a few times for sleeping in the floor with Taylor, but hey?  It's not like we're ever going to see those same flight attendants again.... or at least not for quite some time.

We have made it to our hotel in San Fran, ordered some take out that included pasta alfredo, philly cheese steak and a patti melt with REAL lemonade, coke, and apple juice.  Amanda and I thought it was delicious.  Taylor Won... not so much a fan.  He snacked on cheerios and some yummy bread the diner sent over, all while jugging some apple juice.

We have also all finally showered and don't smell like travel anymore, thank heavens, and we're all piled onto the beds playing and resting and getting psyched up about tomorrow's travel plans.  Ok, so I'm trying to put on my "game face" here.

We are SO close to home and SUPER excited about it.  Amanda has already made Tay an appointment with his pediatrician for Monday and is eager to get him all the medical attention he might need.  She has truly been super-mom.  I am SO proud of her and excited that Tay has found his forever Mommy and Daddy, who can't wait to take care of him and love him like crazy.

I'm really going to be sad to have to split from them in the airport tomorrow.  I hope we don't get too many stares as we say our good-byes... though it couldn't be any more than the stares we got while eating Burger King on the floor in the que lines in Seoul.... we waited in line to check our bags for TWO hours and were STARVING!!  (They were rescheduling everyone's flights.  It was a small disaster.)

Anyway, I suppose my next update will be from HOME!!!  :D  Eeeeek!  And also, I'll definitely be filling everyone in on the "missing" days in Seoul.  I've got lots of photos I'm eager to share!


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T said...

What a relief! Welcome HOME!

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