Thursday, July 5, 2012

Diane's Formal Affair

A few weeks ago, Mom, Melissa, Mrs. Kelli (Melissa's future Mother In Law), and I loaded up to go to one of the best little wedding boutiques in Alabama, Diane's Formal Affair.  We love this little shop and its family feel.  There are never too many people there, so service is wonderful.  Plus, they have an amazing selection of wedding gowns and accessories!

When we first got there, I saw this dreaded sign... but with a little sweet talking, I was given permission to get a few snaps in.  Then, after we actually purchased the dress, I was able to go all paparazzi, per my usual!

At first, Melissa was so funny about which dresses she "clipped" as her faves.  But, as she tried on a few, she was able to let loose a little more and try on some "questionable" dresses.  It is just so hard to tell what they look like when they are packaged nicely in those large plastic bags.

Overall, she tried on several dresses that were very pretty, one that I dubbed an 80's prom dress FLOP!, and two that were jaw droppingly stunning!  Although both were drop dead gorgeous on her, there was one that we all just knew was "the dress."

When Melissa was in the debating stages between the two, I just couldn't imagine leaving "her gown" at the store if she chose the other.  I was trying to conjure up all the places I could sport another wedding gown! ;) ....And how in the world I could afford to pay for it and then justify to Justin that that dress just HAD to come home with our family!  Whew!  Good thing Melissa actually chose it!

3 kind thoughts:

Stephanie said...

Awww, how excitinggg! I wish I had a photographer with me when I went to get my gown! Love these pictures!

Kristi said...

Beautiful bride to be! And how lucky she was to have you along for the day. I so enjoyed my dress shopping, what fun it would be to have had those moments recorded with pictures.

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Such a sweet post~ love all the photos. Makes me think back when we found Savannah's dress. You just know don't you!!! XO

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