Thursday, July 12, 2012

Phineas And Ferb

Remember a while back when I was asking everyone to vote for P for a local magazine cover?

Well, I'm happy to report that he placed third, and although he didn't grace the cover of the magazine, he did have a shot inside and scored some rad-tad tickets to the Disney performance of Phineas and Ferb Live.

This show is super cool to me, not because the show itself is just super awesome, but because of the character's names.  Justin and I didn't know this show even existed until a month or so after Perry was born, but it was really neat to us because Perry was THIS CLOSE to being named Phineas.  Justin and I loved the name and were planning on calling him Phin... Also before the days of Glee.  Anyway, everyone and their brother snarled their noses when we told them our future child's name, so we did some re-hashing and ended up falling in love with the name Perryman (my maiden name) and calling P Perry.

So anyway....

We go to said show.  It was ehhhh.... A little too old for P honestly.  

My little monkey proceeded to crawl on top of his seat and bounce up and down the entire show, which was acceptable to us because it was a sing, dance, jump up and down, and let the audience participate kind of show-everyone else's kid was doing it too, so P fit right in.  

However, during the ONE remotely quiet part of the show, P had a little mishap.

He stood up on the seat in just the right way and it folded right up on him!  The size of his legs were just perfect to get wedged in tightly.  P was screaming his lungs out that it hurt, but every time Justin and I tried to fold the seat to give him a little wiggle room to get out, he cried and screamed more.  And every time we just tried to pull him out, he screamed even louder.  

It was SO embarrassing and I felt terrible for P and I was trying not to panic, but honestly, after about two painstakingly LONG minutes and some unsuccessful help by the people in the row behind us, I had just accepted the reality that they were going to have to stop the show, turn on the lights, and bring the jaws of life in to get my child unstuck from the theatre seat.

I was 100% sure we were going to make the local news.

Then, I'm honestly not sure how it happened-I was so full of nerves and adrenaline, we managed to pull Perry out of the chair.

We immediately exited the theatre forgoing the rest of the show and vowed that we're not taking P to another live performance until he's 21.

I can laugh hysterically about it now.  

Then, not so much.

**My Iphone is old and photographs terribly- especially in dim lit situations.  Bare with me.  This was a moment I wanted documented.**

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Candace said...

I laughed hysterically picturing y'all trying to pry poor Perry out of the seat. I would have just died.... Poor guy!!

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