Sunday, July 8, 2012

Splish, Splash {Sunday Snapshot}

Last weekend, the family loaded up in the boat and headed out to our favorite lake!  

{Settings: f/13  SS: 1/250  ISO: 200}

With it being only 8 minutes away, with beautiful clear water, it's fairly easy to overlook the fact that it's also home to a few creepy alligators.  :/

Ok, so judging by this particular photo and the fact that Justin and I were TERRIFIED that we thought we had just witnessed a gator swimming very close by (turned out to just be two ducks taking a long dive for fish underwater-WHEW!) it apparently isn't that easy to overlook, but still... we take our chances.  (This is why our poochie pies don't come with us to the lake anymore....)

Neither here nor there, we had a great time splishing and splashing under the afternoon sun.  

Perry especially enjoyed driving the boat, though Melissa certainly felt his sharp terrifying-we-all-thought-the-boat-was-gonna-flip-sharp-turns could stand some room for improvement!  

And practicing his going-under-water-and-making-funny-noises abilities... which he is VERY proud of!

Mom and Dad brought along the perfect summer snack that was quickly devoured by all but me, who doesn't like watermelon-gasp!  I even took my camera with me in the lake, floating on my own life jacket to snap a few quick pics.  Then, sanity came back over me and I quickly got my beloved camera back to safety in the boat.

When we finished the melon and threw the rind halves into the lake (fish food) we got the BIGGEST giggle.  The green part always popped back up on top and could EASILY be mistaken for a gator head.  We joked that the next time we bring unsuspecting family members out to the lake, we're also going to sneak a watermelon rind that we have stuck two small black grapes (eyes) onto the top with toothpicks into the boat and then quietly sneak it into the water beside us all while we're taking a swim break.  Even thinking about the hysteria that it will create makes me giggle.  I think its the best prank my family has thought of yet!

Ni Hao Yall

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5 kind thoughts:

Tina´s PicStory said...

great shots! :)

Everything Beautiful Shay said...

Lake days are the best!!! Love every single photo! Blessings!

funks said...

We went out on the Snake River yesterday. I plan to post those pics on my blog tomorrow.

Stefanie said...

I agree with Sharon, days spent at the lake are the best :) Looks like everyone had a blast!
Happy Sunday!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

What a fun day on the lake!!!!

I love this series, but my favorite has to be the one of Perry with his hand under his Daddy's chin:) SO CUTE!!

Have a great week Brooke~



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