Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Contrary to many assumptions, I'm sure... I have not fallen off the face of the Earth.

The last day at the beach got away from me and since returning home, we have hit the ground running.

I have a to-do list over a mile long, and do plan on adding a few more beach photos, but at least until this weekend, getting life back to normalcy is going to be top of my list.

My house needs cleaned-what's new?, my classroom needs to be put together, lessons need to be planned, I want to get photos of P before his surgery next Tuesday {prayers for my little guy please!!}, I have to get lessons plans for sub together for the SECOND day of school (breathe in, breathe out), I need to finish my sister's "save the dates, "and I want to start a new "evening home-school" program with Perry.  My little guy is SO wired up in the evenings that I thought some calm, learning time before bedtime might be good for all involved.  Plus, with all these new Pinterest Ideas and Homeschool blogs I've found lately, I'm feeling pretty inspired!  When I asked him if he wanted to start doing some homeschooling at night, he got SO excited!!

Tomorrow holds a day full of working in my classroom, then an afternoon meeting with Perry's pediatrician to discuss boo-koos of special needs in order to deeper educate J&I on whether or not we feel open to adding more preferences to our list, then night one of Home School begins!

Oh- and in case you haven't already gotten word- Perry has been letting me rock him and then put him to sleep in his "big boy bed for three nights in a row!!!"  It has been the BEST snuggle time EVER!!  I'm LOVING it!!  And- I can actually MOVE in MY king-sized bed.  At least until I fall asleep and then the fur babies sneak into the bed, and then around 4am P sneaks back into our bed.  I suppose a little wiggle room is better than none at all! ;)

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the meaklims said...

I just listened to the song you posted about below, While I'm Waiting, what a beautiful reminder from the Lord. I pray that soon you will know who the Lord is going to bless your family with. I know the wait is not easy, at all.

Glad you got some R&R at the beach, amazing photos! And congrats on the new job, it sounds SO ideal... so wonderful. Truly God is good.


PS - LOVE your new blog!

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