Sunday, August 26, 2012

Super P {Sunday Snapshot}

Camera- Nikon D5000
SS 1/80
ISO 500
Processed using levels/curves in Photoshop.
Actions Used: Florabella's Color Lush

Ever since P's surgery and the wreck this week, I have been so so emotional.  Everything gets me.  Editing these photos makes me want to squeeze my little P and never let go.  I just absolutely don't want to miss a moment of his bliss!

A friend gave P this adorable superhero cape and mask for his birthday, and I could not resist the urge to add a little monogram to make it customized for a certain little super hero!

Perry had a fantastic time running around the yard that evening playing super P!

He totally cracked me up trying to fly, and then got so discouraged when he couldn't actually lift off.  

Every time he jumped, I had to make a HUGE deal about how he flew for a few seconds and his face would light up like you wouldn't believe!!

Super P's powers aren't limited to flying- he also has 'super suction ears' like another favorite hero of ours!

Watch out evil villains!  Super P is out to get chya!

I took these photos late Monday night before P's surgery that next Tuesday (8/14).  I know this is ridiculous, but I wanted to capture a few photos of him before his teeth were capped.  It upset me to not see "his" teeth again.  (Melodramatic Mom....I get it.)  It was about 8:00pm when I took these and it was VERY cloudy dark, but I knew it was my only opportunity to get them.  Some of the photos are a little blurry because I had my shutter speed about 1/80 and my aperture was open to about 1.6.  They are also a bit grainy because my ISO was up so high.  Although not technically correct in photog terms, Lisa's classes have taught me to do all that I can to get the shot correct, but most importantly, to not miss a special shot! 

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Ni Hao Yall

3 kind thoughts:

Unknown said...

Love the all boy in these photos and the imagination of superheros!

Michael and Amanda said...

Too cute! He is getting sooo big! Great job on the are becoming quite the expert fashion designer :-) hope P is recovering well and that you are enjoying your new job. We will have to catch up soon!

•°°• IcyBC •°°• said...

Beautiful photos!

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