Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Field of Dreams

Today This week This month This month and a half have been some of the most trying days of my life.  There has most definitely been a series of unfortunate events.  And last night, I experienced the straw that broke the camel's back.  

When I say it was bad, I mean it was bad.  I cried to my poor mother for the thousandth millionth billionth time this month.  I mean-it was kind of ugly.  And unruly.  And ungrateful.  

My sweet Mom so kindly reminded me that I was so blessed beyond measure and in the nicest way possible told me I needed to get it together and be thankful for all that I have and just choose joy.  


It was a bit of a hard pill to swallow.  

Yep- believe you me.  We've had our far share of bad luck lately, but we are still blessed beyond measure.  

I have been making a point today to find JOY in the everyday.  In fact, I'm really hoping to make this a life statement.  

Our 'Little Field of Dreams'

I know I started it before and failed miserably, but I'm going to start listing daily things I'm thankful for on the blog. By being conscience of all that God has blessed me with, I'm hoping to be a happier heart that shines even brighter for Him!

So... P and I started finding JOY at 6:37 this morning.  In one of our favorite spots on the planet.  

We have the honor of seeing the different paintings of God's sunrise over this little field of dreams almost every weekday morning.  And the beauty has blessed the pants off of us.  In fact, when I stopped the car to look at it for a moment, P said, "Take a picture Mommy!!"  Which, I happened to think was the perfect thing to do!  

So happy to have this photo to remind me of God's million blessings that we don't take the time to notice.  I'm really hoping to change that.

To see more Wondrous Works, head over to Ginny's blog HERE!  

{thankful for}
1. My precious family
2. Our health
3. The beautiful sunrise over our little field of dreams
4. Physical therapy
5. Pizza Hut take out for a yummy and quick dinner
6. A freshly painted bedroom
7. An awesome Awana program for my little P to learn more about God's love

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Baller said...

Beautiful photo! It's so hard to choose joy, but it's there for the choosing. I love your list of thankful things.

Ginny said...


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