Thursday, September 27, 2012

Odds and Ends

Itty-Bitty- First and foremost, I wanted to make the announcement that our precious HJ has a forever family!  I’ve known for a while, but honestly, it has made the past month the biggest blessing and the most heartbreaking all in the same.  I’m beyond thankful that she has a forever family, but knowing that all hope of her coming home to us is gone has been very difficult for me. 

We really do love her beyond words.  I’m SO grateful that I actually know her family and they are only about 2 hours away from us!!!  Her mom has also asked for us to write letters to her for her life book and even to do some monogramming for her in the future.  I’m beyond thankful that God answered our prayer to allow us to be a part of her life, no matter how small.  My new prayer is that one day, Ruby Grace and Miss Nell (her new name) can play together and become friends!

·      Adoption- In case anyone is now wondering about our adoption process…. It is still creeping along at the lightning speed of a…..snail.  A big, fat, barely-moving, stinking snail.  Uh-hum.  Feel free to pray for our patience, hope, faith, trust, etc as we continue to wait (what, according to our agency) is seeming like/could be a very. long. time. before we see our precious daughter’s face.  I’m absolutely convinced that waiting for a referral is the most excruciating part of the adoption process.  Now, after we see her pretty face and we’re waiting to travel-I’ll tell you if I’ve changed my opinion.  ;) Until then, I honestly do covet your prayers.  We are SO ready to see our sweet angel’s face.

·      Johnny Appleseed- We celebrated Johnny Appleseed’s birthday at school this week.  That was fun!  Any excuse to drink apple juice really is a good one.  Until one child asks if we are drinking “pee.”  Thank you for that one.  I think I’ll be sticking to grape juice for a while.  Oy, these children.

·      Photography- I am beginning a new photography class next week and I’m SO beyond excited I can’t even put it into words.  I’m really hoping that this takes my mind off of our adoption.  Ok, who am I kidding?  BUT-surely it will help a SMIDGE!  One can only hope….

·      C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S!!!!  Do you people realize that fantastic holiday is less than THREE months away?!!  And, since we are broke-as-a-joke this year, I have already started making everyone’s Christmas gifts!  Yep- you read that right.  I figure if everyone receives all the Pinterest ideas they’ve pinned, but will never get around to actually creating, they should be pretty happy, correct? Yes?

·      Bible/Chapel- they are my two favorite things about private school.  I LOVE reading God’s word to my student’s everyday.  And listening to them laugh hysterically as I butcher all the Bible character’s names.  :/  I’m pretty sure Seminary should be a pre-requisite for teaching in a private Christian school.  I mean, honestly, who names their children these things?!  Where were all the Sams and Jakes back then?  Very thankful for the few Mommas that dubbed their offspring James and John.  Now, there’s some women with good heads on their shoulders.

·      Palmer- she’s our new gray kitten!  She made a 15 minute journey down a four-lane highway last Thursday in a co-worker’s engine.  :/  She was also a stray that had apparently lost her Mommy and said co-worker didn’t want her.  I happened to LOVE her!  428 days into our adoption, God doesn’t give us a daughter, He gives us a kitten… I suppose we’ll take what we can get??  That God of ours sure does have a sense of humor, huh?  Nevertheless, Perry is smitten with his new baby kitten. 

·      Home Décor- We painted our bedroom gray!!!!  :D  It was teal with a map of the world covering one wall.  Pretty cool for geography lessons… not so much for a peaceful, serene, adult master bedroom. 

·      Dreams- While we’re on the topic of décor, I’m to the point where I want to decorate and prepare RubyGrace’s nursery.  I’m starting to have the mind set of “If I build it, she will come!” ;)  haha- just kidding….Ok, not kidding at all.  All this “Ruby stuff” lying around the house in random crooks and crannies is a little strange.  It needs a place. 

·      Sunday School-This week will be my last Sunday teaching the precschool K4 classroom, and while I’m a little sad about moving on, I’m also pretty excited about having the opportunity to join an adult Bible study again.  I think at this stage in my life, the more Bible study, the better.  I think God agrees.  I’m pretty sure if He has every gotten tired of listening to someone… it would be me.  I recently read a devotional about Jonah and how God just needed to give him a “time out,” therefore sticking him into the whale’s belly.  I’m currently pretty thankful that the ocean’s a few hours away.  Just sayin.’

·      Cool weather- How I love thee!  Though, seeing as how Fall has officially begun, it’d be nice if you would STOP going up to a humid 90 degrees during the day!  

·      Planes, Trains, and Automobiles- My car was deemed fixable, with a nice fixable price tag to the tune of $16,00,0 so for the past month they have been fixing my car.  Only to find MORE damage today that they say will likely push it over into Totalsville.  I’m FO-REALZ over it already.  Whatever.  Just SO ready to have this whole shabam behind us, one way or another.

·      Awana- I L-O-V-E watching Perry at Awana each Wednesday night.  He does so well saying his Bible verse on the stage.  I can’t help but think he’s adorable and oh so sweet… as apparently, he does too.  According to his teacher (his Aunt Becky), when learning about sin and how ALL have sinned, Perry was pretty adamant that he is the one exception to this little piece of Bible trivia.  When asked if he ever did anything wrong, his response was, “Nooooooo!”  Becky said that every child in the class finally admitted/talked about how sometimes they made bad choices/sinned, but not Mr. P.  He’s apparently perfect!  Haha!.... Can we see the only child syndrome coming into play?  For crying out loud Korea!  Home Boy NEEDS a little sister!!!!!  For salvation’s sake! ;)

OK- I will try to be a little less sarcastic with my next post and actually post something of worth, versus total nonsense and slight whining.  Thankfully, this happens to be MY blog and I can do such every now and then!  ;) 


{thankful for}
28. A God that really never gets tired of hearing from me...again
29. A blog that I can vent on
30. A good devotional that is emailed to me every morning
31. Spicy hummus dip and pita chips

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Mary Louis Quinn said...

So funny! I especially loved the part about the Pinterest Xmas gifts! :) SO glad HJ has a forever family! And what are the odds they would live two hrs away?! God works in mysterious ways, for sure!

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